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0001353XdebugFeature/Change requestpublic2016-10-12 05:592016-12-13 21:42
0001353: Make static function xdebug_dbgp_parse_option() extern
Dontbug (see [^] ) is a reversible debugger for PHP

Dontbug depends on Xdebug ( see Credits at [^] )

Currently a very small patch needs to be applied to Xdebug to get it to work with Dontbug (see [^] )

Basically the patch makes the static function xdebug_dbgp_parse_option() extern.

The rationale for this patch is described here: [^]

I was wondering if we could incorporate the patch into the Xdebug master & 2.4.x branches so that end users will not need to build a patched Xdebug locally in order to use Dontbug. (The extraneous C comments in the patch should be removed, of course, while incorporating it into Xdebug sources)

I would be very grateful if you considered this patch for inclusion. I think this will be a great help in reducing entry barriers to reverse debugging on PHP. Thank you for all the help Xdebug has already given Dontbug.
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@derrick Hope you didn't miss this ticket. Would greatly appreciate if you could have a quick look at this! :-)

2016-10-28 19:42   
Filed a corresponding pull request [^]

2016-12-13 21:42   
I might want to implement this, but it's not high on my list of things to do.