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0001386XdebugCode Coveragepublic2017-01-08 16:492017-01-09 17:58
0001386: Overcoming coverage issues where executable code not shown as executed/executable
This is in reference to work done in the php-code-coverage issue 0000488 [^]

In particular, JoepRoebroek appeared to isolate this as xdebug using a bitfield flag which Zend is now using for other purposes. See [^] for this discovery.

To follow up on this, I verified that the Zend ZEND_ACC_USE_GUARDS flag and the xdebug ZEND_XDEBUG_VISITED flag both use the same bit 0x1000000. This conflict is what appears to cause the anomalous results.

My suggestion is simple to use a different bit - 0x10000000. I searched the php source for all references to ce_flags, and audited which flags of the bitfield were in use. I concluded that 0x10000000 could be used. It is the same as another Zend constant ZEND_ACC_HAS_TYPE_HINTS, but this only used in fn_flags and not ce_flags

See my comment on the issue for more background [^]
JoepRoebroek created a standalone method of reproducing the flaw here: [^]
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Fixed in GIT. Thanks for the research!