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0001574XdebugInstallationpublic2018-08-24 05:192018-10-20 01:39
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Ubuntu 18
0001574: Xdebug crashes on install w/ PHP 7.2 & Ubuntu 18
Xdebug crashes on install via pecl with a segmentation fault.

>pecl install xdebug


Build process completed successfully
Installing '/usr/lib/php/20170718/'
Segmentation fault

Also fails with Illegal instruction sometimes.
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2018-10-20 01:39   
I have never been able to reproduce this, although this has popped up maybe 5 times over the last 10 years. What I suspect is that some Linux distributions modify PHP's extension loading mechanism, but I don't know how. What seems to happen is that upon writing the newly compiled extension file the one in memory gets replaced too. That's not something that ought to happen, as Linux should hold a handle to any binary that is loaded into memory, and not just start using the newly written one.

If you can provide me with a reproducible set-up, I'm happy to have a look, although I doubt I can do anything about it. For now, a work around would be to run PECL with:

php -n `which pecl` install xdebug

I'm going to close this as "unable to reproduce", but feel free to reopen this if you can provide me with a set-up that I can access, and a set of instructions that you can reproduce this problem with.