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0001596XdebugDocumentationpublic2018-12-13 14:302019-01-09 06:23
0001596: Lack of documentation to set up xdebug without PEAR
The documentation is completely unclear for beginner to setup Xdebug and start working if not using PEAR.

1. Docs says: "add the correct line to your php.ini ... zend_extension=..." but nowhere you can find it should be under the "[Zend]" section. So users need to google "How to setup xdebug" or similar instead of reading original docs.

2. Full lust of config parameters is fine, but no any word thet parameters must be under the "[xdebug]" section. Again googling instead of reading original docs is required.

3. Windows installation page [^] is completely useless. Instead of providing SIMPLE installation instructions you require to paste phpinfo output. WHAT????

4. The minimum working configuration can be as simple as 2x2:



Instead of showing a simple example as starting point you are leaving users frustrating.
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Neither "1" or "2" are necessary, as the PHP php.ini parser ignores section headers. The "3" is there to help people and provides the easiest way to provide tailored instructions for your specific set-up. For "4", turning on xdebug.remote_autostart isn't always wise.

Instructions for compilation are at [^]
And instructions on how to set-up the debugger are on the debugger documentation page: [^] — both linked on the documentation page on the website: [^]

So, what are you asking about specifically?
2019-01-09 06:23   
1 and 2 - you are assuming users know that. After 10 years of PHP development (not configuring) I didn't know that.

3. It is still unclear where to find a starting point, sample php.ini config to start from. A lot of docs is good when user already have an experience. For me I was using XDebug for 5 years copy-pasting my initial php.ini config googled somewhere. Recently, when I tried to configure it from scratch on a new machine I was completely stucked.