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Win10 64BIT
0001602: Wizard give no DLL Output. No Xdebug DLL for PHP 7.3 32Bit
When I used the wizard to get the correct xDebug dll it returns without any name: [^]

On this pictures it says I have a 32BIT system, but this is probably because xampp is running on 32bit. My system information says 64Bit

PHP Info by "php -i": [^]

Is it possible to use xdebug with PHP 7.3 on 32bit or only 64bit?
Will be there support someday for 32bit?
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I have the same problem.
My system is Win7 64Bit and i used xampp
2019-01-16 14:55   
Right now, there is only a 64-bit version for the beta1 release on the downloads page. The next release will have a 64-bit DLL as well. Alternatively, you can grab one from [^]