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0000214XdebugUsage problems (Wrong Results)public2006-10-23 17:252006-10-23 22:34
0000214: Large array inside an array doesn't report page or pagesize
If you have an array which is greater than max_children, the response contains attributes "page", "pagesize" which allows you to manage retrieving further data when required.

If however this large array is contained in another array, the following property is provided
<property name="0" fullname="$d[0]" address="10211656" type="array" children="1" numchildren="200">

but note there is no page or pagesize attributes, and only the first max_children of this array is returned which is inconsistent with the behaviour of normal arrays.

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2006-10-23 22:34   
Fixed in CVS:
Please note that it is not a bug that the elements in an array have no page and pagesize attributes. The only issue here is that the depth level of arrays was incorrectly checked so it would show the first page of a level too deep as well.