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0000400XdebugUsage problems (Wrong Results)public2008-08-21 12:232010-04-03 15:26
Ubuntu 8.04
0000400: Xdebug ignores error_reporting when gets "Warning: POST Content-Length of XXX bytes exceeds the limit of XXX bytes
Without XDebug, error_reporting works fine.
When POST data exceeds the limit, I can disable showing that warning and can do some error handling (process $_FILES array).

There is problem, when I want to use XDebug here.
I cannot disable this warning, because XDebug ignores everything I setted up (e.g. E_ALL & !E_WARNING).
Warning always is sowing up and I cannot for example send some additional headers in HTTP output.

I think this warning is raised by Apache and this is the problem.
I hope you can fix it :)

Best regards,
Tomasz Kuter
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2010-04-03 15:26   
Fixed in revision 3245.