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0000687XdebugUsage problems (Wrong Results)public2011-04-29 17:022012-05-06 15:53
0000687: Xdebug does not show dynamically defined variable
"Dynamically" defined variables aren't visible with dbgp's context_get, but are visible with PHP's get_defined_vars() and actually exists
$nameHolder = 'name';
$$nameHolder = 'value';
var_dump($$nameHolder);//breakpoint here [^]
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log xdebug.log (34,176) 2011-04-29 17:02
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2011-05-13 20:39   
I don't know if this is related but it looks like it.
XDebug only reports a small fraction of an objects attributes compared to DBG.

If you have a class with subclasses DBG shows all member variables as well as the defined properties for both the class and anything it is derived off (including protected and private variables).

I honestly don't know if this is even possible to accomplish in XDebug but it is a lot more work to have to look up and add watches for most of the variables that were readily available in my previous debugger.

For example if an object has a getAttributes() function a ->attributes child variable would be displayed by DBG. I dont know if this is based on PHPDoc property statements or whether it detects getter like functions.

I really like a lot of stuff in XDebug but this is the only point atm that makes me switch back to my previous editor with DBG once in a while. Can you please make an even bigger fanboy out of me by making it so no switching is needed anymore ? :)