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0000723XdebugUsage problems (Wrong Results)public2011-09-30 00:222011-09-30 10:58
x86_63Linux debian6.0.2
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0000723: xdebug is stricter than PHP regarding Exception property types
setting the Exception line value to a string triggers the "Fatal error: Your exception class uses incorrect types for common properties: 'message' and 'file' need to be a string and 'line' needs to be an integer." error

PHP seems to enforce this in the Exception constructor, but lets you set it after the constructor and after that it just works

it looks more like PHP should be more aggressive with this or let it go, but from the outside it looks like xdebug breaks perfectly working PHP
throwing this exception:

class MyException extends Exception {
    function __construct($message) {
        $this->line = "42"; // this triggers it. if it's before the constructor, PHP freaks out regardless of xdebug

with xdebug enabled
full repro case at [^]
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2011-09-30 10:58   
Fixed on github for 2.1.3 and 2.2-dev.