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0000747XdebugUsage problems (Wrong Results)public2011-11-15 10:482012-02-22 21:42
0000747: Still problem with error message and soap client / soap server
Hi Derick, I couldn't reopen the issue 609 unfortunately so I create a new one here.

I tried your patch and it's working well, just one thing I think is a copy paste mistake in the new function check_soap_call in xdebug.c, you tried 2 times if it is class name SoapClient, I guess you wanted to try SoapClient/SoapServer.

Also I believe after that than the first hack you made, still in xdebug.c working on HTTP_SOAPACTION, to check for soap header is not more necessary...
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patch 747.patch (473) 2012-02-12 17:27
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2012-02-12 17:29   
I can confirm this with PHP 5.4.0RC8-dev and Xdebug v2.2.0-dev. The following code, modified from 0000609 to use SoapServer replicates the error:


try {
    $sc = new SoapServer('some-wrong.wsdl', array('exceptions' => 'true'));
} catch (Exception $e) {
    echo 'Error Caught :-)';


Changing the line in xdebug.c mentioned by jboffel fixes the issue.
2012-02-22 21:42   
This should be fixed now.