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0000818XdebugUsage problems (Wrong Results)public2012-04-24 11:572012-12-18 12:37
0000818: Require a php script in the PHP_RINIT causes Xdebug to crash
I've written a small php extension in which a simple script is included in RINIT step. When the Xdebug extension is not enabled, the extension loads and is usable. When Xdebug is enabled, it seems to be triggered on the require command and then crashes.
I've included the source code of my extension - named require - and a script with a function "hello2", to be placed in the include path. Compile and install the extension. With Xdebug disabled, you can do php -m or php -r 'hello2();' which will call the function in the included script.
Enabeling xdebug causes the crash of which the gdb trace is also included.
PHP version is 5.3.9-ZS 5.6.0
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2012-04-25 09:51   
The supplied script and extension are pretty useless, but they are purely to allow an easy reproduction of the problem. It is however impossible to use the SAM extension (Simple Asynchronous Messaging) due to this issue. The SAM extension does the same: it includes a php file in the RINIT.
2012-12-18 12:32   
Fixed for 2.2.2.