Scheduled For Release 2019-06-30
0001652: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] The DBGp "detach" test fails with a segmentation fault
0001541: [Code Coverage] switch/case case is not covered when using php-fpm php 7.0 (derick)
0001594: [Code Coverage] Opening braces covered but closing braces are not covered in code coverage in few scenarios
0001613: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Wrong error message for Fatal
0001573: [Profiling] Profiling Symfony 2.8 produce additional broken cachegrind file for exception_handler (derick)
0001540: [Code Coverage] Multiline class instantiate within method call is not covered when using php-fpm (derick)
0001552: [Feature/Change request] When display_error is On, http status is 200 with Fatal Error (derick)
0001549: [Stacktraces] Segfault when rendering arguments in stack frames for thrown exceptions (derick)
0001488: [Remote Debugging] Rewrite property_set to use eval (derick)
0001615: [Feature/Change request] Turn off Zend OPcache when remote debugger is turned On. (derick)
0001662: [Remote Debugging] __debugInfo should not be used for user-defined classes (derick)
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