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  0001048 [Xdebug]
Debug client (console)
majornew2014-04-14Can not get $GLOBAL variable by property_value on function context
Usage problems
minornew2014-04-12E: Could not connect to client. :-(
Usage problems
crashassigned (derick)2014-04-11PHP crashes when xdebug is enabled when calling any(?) function that would implicitely autoload a class
  0001046 [Xdebug]
Usage problems
blocknew2014-04-10Breakpoints fail with DEVSENSE PHP Tools for Visual Studio 2013 version 1.11.5062
Usage problems
minornew2014-04-05I'm able to debug only once
Usage problems
majorassigned (derick)2014-04-04Nothing is suggested for downloading in Tailored Installation Instructions wizard for php5.5 executable.
Feature/Change request
minornew2014-04-01being able to set a "watch" on a variable modification
  0001044 [Xdebug]
Usage problems
crashnew2014-03-27SEGFAULT when used with Phalcon
  0001043 [Xdebug]
Usage problems
minornew2014-03-26Possible null deref
  0001041 [Xdebug]
Usage problems
minornew2014-03-23Dead code reported after "return" and "throw"
  0001039 [Xdebug]
majornew2014-03-18Make failes with libtool version missmatch
  0001037 [Xdebug]
Usage problems
minornew2014-03-17Error when stepping over require_once with relative path
Debug client (console)
minorresolved (derick)2014-03-12I can not debug in windows platform.
Debug client (console)
minorresolved (derick)2014-03-12line by line trace with Xdebug causes problems with mysqli object values being set differently
minorresolved (derick)2014-03-12Cannot run make
majorresolved (derick)2014-03-12Can't compile XDebug from GIT withj PHP 5.5
Debug client (console)
majorresolved (derick)2014-03-12Debug variables do show, but too slow in eclipse
Usage problems
majorresolved (derick)2014-03-12Memory Leak found when auto_trace is enabled
Usage problems
minornew2014-03-09Can't evaluate property of class that extends ArrayObject
Debug client (console)
crashassigned (derick)2014-03-06XDebug crashed on PHP 5.5.5 & PHP 5.5.6
Debug client (console)
minorassigned (derick)2014-03-05Crashes with certain regex
Usage problems
minorassigned (derick)2014-03-05Infinite loop possible with xdebug_llist_empty() function
Usage problems
minorresolved (derick)2014-03-05Incorrect coverage reporting for multi-line class creation
Feature/Change request
minornew2014-03-05Show PHP errors during debugging as they happen (by supporting stderr)
Debug client (console)
minorresolved (derick)2014-03-05Wrong count of covered lines
Usage problems
majorresolved (derick)2014-03-05Code coverage doesn't work when dealing with PEAR
minorresolved (derick)2014-03-05Xdebug for PHP 5.5.8 fails to install
Usage problems
minorassigned (derick)2014-03-05Closing braces ignored by code coverage
Usage problems
minorassigned (derick)2014-03-05Profiling: cachegrind files not written when filename exceeds 260 characters
Debug client (console)
blockassigned (derick)2014-03-05Xdebug cannot handle the use of the passthru function
Usage problems
minorassigned (derick)2014-03-05Incorrect file paths in exception stack trace
Usage problems
majorresolved (derick)2014-03-05php cli extremely long delay when xdebug extension loaded
Usage problems
majorresolved (derick)2014-03-05Server internal error 500 - XDebug can't load the debug file ''.
Usage problems
blockresolved (derick)2014-03-05SIGSERV 11 xbuf_format_converter use of undefined constant %s
Usage problems
crashresolved (derick)2014-03-05SEGV at xdebug_zval_ptr + 50 (xdebug_compat.c:93) in CLI
Debug client (console)
minorresolved (derick)2014-03-05Incomplete Code Coverage
Usage problems
majorassigned (derick)2014-03-05xdebug_get_code_coverage() returns bogus array elements
Usage problems
majorresolved (derick)2014-03-05Error message in command line
Usage problems
crashresolved (derick)2014-03-05Segfault when starting remote debug session
Usage problems
minornew2014-03-03Breakpoints not triggered on case-insensitive file systems in files autoloaded by spl_autoload
Usage problems
minorresolved (derick)2014-03-02negative line numbers in profile file on some eval()d code
Debug client (console)
majorresolved (derick)2014-03-02It can't debug in eclipse neither on windows or linux(ubuntu)
Usage problems
minorresolved (derick)2014-03-02APC 3.1.9 + XDebug 2.1.2 = Blank screen
Usage problems
minorresolved (derick)2014-03-02trying to create COM objects cause crash
Feature/Change request
featureassigned (derick)2014-02-28Limit the function traces output
  0001034 [Xdebug]
Feature/Change request
featureassigned (derick)2014-02-27Implement Branch and Path Coverage
Usage problems
majornew2014-02-27Cannot get profiler output
Usage problems
majorresolved (derick)2014-02-27Unable to rich more value children level than 'max_depth' when obtain value from 'eval' command
Feature/Change request
featurefeedback (derick)2014-02-27invoking trace from command line
Feature/Change request
minorfeedback (derick)2014-02-27Shared secret for profiler_enable_trigger
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