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Usage problems
crashnew2015-04-24phpunit with coverage reporting under 5.6 crashes xdebug
  0001145 [Xdebug]
minornew2015-04-18Eclipse plugin has been integrated in PDT
Feature/Change request
featurenew2015-04-16Add support for filtering of files for code coverage
Usage problems
majorassigned (derick)2015-04-15Xdebug is not able to evaluate arrays
  0001140 [Xdebug]
Usage problems
minorassigned (derick)2015-04-10Tracing with __debugInfo() crashes Xdebug due to a stack overflow
Feature/Change request
minorresolved (derick)2015-04-10Feature Request: Additional Information in Trace
crashresolved (derick)2015-04-10Failed loading after php update
Feature/Change request
minornew2015-04-09Not possible to inspect SplObjectStorage instances with Xdebug
  0001137 [Xdebug]
Usage problems
minornew2015-04-08Windows does not support %zu formatting for sprintf
  0001136 [Xdebug]
Usage problems
crashnew2015-04-06Revisit: Property access is not allowed yet re: mysqli
Usage problems
minorresolved (derick)2015-04-06Logs filled with spurious warnings
  0001132 [Xdebug]
minornew2015-03-28Should be more explicit that cookies are used to get the IDE-Key from the client
Usage problems
majornew2015-03-23With Xdebug 2.3.1, PHPUnit with coverage is exponentially slower than without
Usage problems
minorfeedback (derick)2015-03-23nginx report 502 error on enable xdebug.auto_trace
Usage problems
minorresolved (derick)2015-03-21Getting glibc error during coverage collection
Usage problems
crashresolved (derick)2015-03-21glibc detected php realloc() invalid next size
  0001130 [Xdebug]
Usage problems
minornew2015-03-19PHP documentation links to local manual reference are broken at title description
  0001129 [Xdebug]
Feature/Change request
minornew2015-03-18X-Forwarded-For is not configurable
  0001128 [Xdebug]
Debug client (console)
minornew2015-03-11variables missing from Locals window when passing extra parameters to function/method
Usage problems
majornew2015-03-10Too many open files error with php-fpm. Connection not closed.
Usage problems
majorassigned (derick)2015-03-09"invalid pointer" crash in httpd when running code coverage
Usage problems
crashresolved (derick)2015-03-09Segmentation fault with PHPUnit code coverage
  0001125 [Xdebug]
Usage problems
blocknew2015-03-06XDEBUG not working with Zends Zray
Feature/Change request
minornew2015-03-06being able to set a "watch" on a variable modification
Usage problems
crashassigned (derick)2015-03-01A thrown Exception after a class with __debugInfo gives 2 Errors
Debug client (console)
crashfeedback (derick)2015-02-28CRASH
Usage problems
minorresolved (derick)2015-02-26Profiler does not output filename or function values
Usage problems
minorresolved (derick)2015-02-25Trace variables showing as question marks
  0001116 [Xdebug]
Feature/Change request
minornew2015-02-25Xdebug sends a stopping status message after a stopped status message
Feature/Change request
majorresolved (derick)2015-02-22Extend DBGp so that specific directory paths can be ignored from breakpoints firing
Feature/Change request
featureresolved (derick)2015-02-22Show File Path/Line information where dump was called from
Feature/Change request
majorresolved (derick)2015-02-22Make debugger's timeout period configurable
Feature/Change request
minorresolved (derick)2015-02-22xdebug.trace_format=1 shows no variable contents with collect_params=3/4 and collect_return=1
Debug client (console)
minornew2015-02-19Exceptions in zendServer z-ray are missing
  0001109 [Xdebug]
Feature/Change request
minornew2015-02-18PHP 7 support
Usage problems
majorresolved (derick)2015-02-06xdebug_get_code_coverage() returns more sources even it has just started
Usage problems
majorresolved (derick)2015-01-07Call to php_sapi_name() breaks exception handling
Usage problems
crashresolved (derick)2015-01-07Dereferencing NULL pointer opline to get a lineno
Usage problems
majorfeedback (derick)2015-01-07XDebug showing debug-eval when there is no eval code
majorassigned (derick)2015-01-05I used your tool to update php.ini file and install the newest xdebug dll. Restarting XAMPP and Eclipse still does not recognize
Usage problems
crashresolved (derick)2015-01-04Xdebug Segmentation fault
Usage problems
crashfeedback (derick)2015-01-02xdebug crash on trace
Feature/Change request
minorresolved (derick)2014-12-31Remote debugging not triggerable with ini_set
Usage problems
crashacknowledged (derick)2014-12-17XDebug crashing Apache while PHP script tries to access COM
Usage problems
majorresolved (derick)2014-12-15SimpleXML foreach does not advance during step
  0001082 [Xdebug]
Usage problems
crashresolved (derick)2014-12-13Segmentation fault when using php-couchbase
Feature/Change request
minornew2014-12-13None of debug clients are able to see variables produced by php "extract()" function
Usage problems
crashresolved (derick)2014-12-01Crashes when using PHPExcel
Usage problems
majornew2014-11-28Memory corruption when throwing a message that overrides the 'message' property
  0001092 [Xdebug]
Feature/Change request
featurenew2014-11-27Multi-User Debug behing a firewall
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