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0000171XdebugUncategorizedpublic2006-03-10 13:10
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Product Version2.0.0dev 
Summary0000171: set_time_limit stack overflow on 2nd request

sorry, this is another lazy bug report with only a few notes, i promise to attach a clean, patch if the bug system allow me. but the fix is simple, i think. just check xdebug.c, look for set_time_limit.

orig->internal_function.handler is already set to zif_xdebug_set_time_limit in the 1st request, and
XG(orig_set_time_limit_func) = orig->internal_function.handler
can be wrong
and PHP_FUNCTION(xdebug_set_time_limit) will call itself until stack overflow

suggested fix:
override of set_time_limit (and var_dump) in RINIT should be moved to MINIT, with EG changed to CG.

Steps To Reproduce

request the page twice;

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Operating System
PHP Version4.3.11



2006-03-10 13:10

administrator   ~0000384

Thanks for this report. I fixed this differently be simply restoring the function pointers in RSHUTDOWN.

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