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  0001582    Usage problems (Wrong Results)minornew2018-10-20nginx error.log show
  00015691   Remote Debuggingmajorfeedback (derick)2018-10-20Silent when set max_depth > 10
  00015491   Stacktracescrashfeedback (derick)2018-10-20Segfault during Drupal Installation.
  00015731   Profilingminorfeedback (derick)2018-10-20Profiling Symfony 2.8 produce additional broken cachegrind file for exception_handler
  00015741   Installationmajorresolved (derick)2018-10-20Xdebug crashes on install w/ PHP 7.2 & Ubuntu 18
  00015332   Feature/Change requestminorassigned (derick)2018-10-19Add ability to override xdebug.remote_timeout per request
  000153652 Remote Debuggingminorresolved (derick)2018-10-19Debugging with PhpStorm gives "can not get property".
  000158111 Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2018-10-17Local variables/function variables not shown when OPcache is enabled
  00015761   Usage problems (Wrong Results)tweakfeedback (derick)2018-10-03mkdir behaviour changes with xdebug enabled
  00015792   Installationminorresolved (derick)2018-09-21Binaries for PHP 7.3 not available in Windows PECL website
  0001520 1 Remote Debuggingminorconfirmed (derick)2018-09-20Xdebug does not handle variable names with "-" in their name
  0001489    Code Coverageminorassigned (derick)2018-09-20Foreach with switch misses the loop in path analysis
  0001488    Remote Debuggingminorassigned (derick)2018-09-20Rewrite property_set to use eval
  0001577    Code Coverageminorassigned (derick)2018-09-20Code coverage with CATCH does wrong for PHP 7.3
  000153032 Code Coveragemajoracknowledged (derick)2018-09-20Last line in a foreach always marked as covered
  0001575    Feature/Change requestfeaturenew2018-08-27API to start/stop debug session at runtime
  000157211 Remote Debuggingminorresolved (derick)2018-08-14elseif is skipped
  00015701   Documentationminornew2018-08-10xdebug_call_class default value inconsistency
  00015672   Code Coverageminorresolved (derick)2018-08-09Return statement in conditional causes xdebug to report the closing parenthesis as not covered
  0001545104 Remote Debuggingcrashresolved (derick)2018-08-01Script using notice-generating eval crashes with trap 6
  0001566    Remote Debuggingmajornew2018-07-222.7.0alpha1 cannot debug swoole extension
  00015641   Documentationminornew2018-07-19Remote Debugging documentation: Sessions and XDEBUG_SESSION not clearly explained
  0001562    Feature/Change requestminornew2018-07-12Retrieve local variables from stack trace
  00015592   Code Coveragemajornew2018-07-11Missing lines from "top level" code
  00015613   Documentationmajorresolved (derick)2018-07-09What do I do now?
  00015602   Code Coverageblockresolved (derick)2018-06-22Does not work with ZE 320160303
  0001558    Documentationminornew2018-06-13Step by step instructions fall short of every step
  00015559   Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashassigned (derick)2018-06-06PHP crash caused by XDebug fault
  00015541   Installationminorresolved (derick)2018-06-03A magical question.
  0001553    Remote Debuggingminornew2018-05-25Debugger always starts
  00015521   Feature/Change requesttweaknew2018-05-19When display_error is On, http status is 200 with Fatal Error
  000155111 Usage problems (Wrong Results)minornew2018-05-17Property with value null is not represented well
  000155021 Remote Debuggingblockfeedback (derick)2018-05-14Quotes are escaped
  00015484   Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2018-05-08Evaluating expressions results in synax error
  000132210   Usage problems (Wrong Results)minorresolved (derick)2018-05-08Xdebug causes PHP to segfault
  00003362   Feature/Change requestmajorresolved (derick)2018-04-30API access to profiling information
  00008887   Feature/Change requestfeatureacknowledged (derick)2018-04-30Extend xdebug to support reverse debugging
  00015461   Installationtrivialresolved (derick)2018-04-27Ancient php_xdebug.dll not available on
  00015443   Usage problems (Wrong Results)textresolved (derick)2018-04-16Whitespace only string displayed as empty string
  0001540 1 Code Coveragemajornew2018-04-12Multiline class instantiate within method call is not covered when using php-fpm
  00015392   Remote Debuggingfeatureresolved (derick)2018-03-31Add support from .xdebug file for path mapping
  00015382   Installationblockresolved (derick)2018-03-30xdebug can't be installed on OS X 10.13
  00015421   Remote Debuggingminornew2018-03-28variables created in a function body won't show up in PhpStorm
  0001541 1 Code Coveragemajornew2018-03-26switch/case case is not covered when using php-fpm php 7.0
  0001537    Documentationminornew2018-03-19Add links to documentation to various different "features" after wizard has run
  00015354   Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorconfirmed (derick)2018-03-15Laravel causes PHP warning (exception not caught) xdebug enabled, otherwise all is fine
  000153411 Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashconfirmed (derick)2018-03-15Segfault when exception thrown in a closure bound to class scope
  00015264   Code Coveragecrashconfirmed (derick)2018-03-08Segfaults occur when generating code coverage with PHP-FPM in Docker on Travis
  000153152 Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorassigned (derick)2018-03-03Xdebug var_dump sends HTTP header in CLI
  000152921 Stacktracesminorresolved (derick)2018-03-03xdebug_get_function_stack() wrong file, in frame calling __get() magic method
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