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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0001332 1 Debug client (console)minornew2016-07-29Int overflow
   0001179113 Usage problemsminorassigned (derick)2016-07-27Remote debugging terminates
  0001331    Debug client (console)crashnew2016-07-23Segfault in code coverage
  000129263 Usage problemsmajorassigned (derick)2016-07-23NOTICE: PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Access to undeclared static property
  0001330    Installationblocknew2016-07-22Zend Engine API differs and install from src compile is failing for 7.0.8
  000132973 Usage problemsmajornew2016-07-21While printing out a stack with and function parameters, XDebug reads uninitialized zvals or free()d memory
  00013281   Usage problemsblockresolved (derick)2016-07-18Cannot get trace specifier %R to work
  000132731 Usage problemscrashassigned (derick)2016-07-14Running laravel 5.1 testcases result in 2071 Segmentation fault (core dumped)
  00012536   Usage problemsblockassigned (derick)2016-07-13Can not view private property from nested class
  000131143 Usage problemsmajorresolved (derick)2016-07-12Eclipse Mars IDE Breakpoints ignored
  000129311 Debug client (console)majornew2016-07-12Great integer values ( bigger then 2 ^35 ) are wrong in the debug output, but right in the final php-output
  000130921 Feature/Change requestmajornew2016-07-11Changing context with context_get and evaluating property in this new context gets null value
  00013241   Usage problemsmajorresolved (derick)2016-07-07Not all line of array of class constants is covered with php7
  00013251   Feature/Change requesttweakresolved (derick)2016-07-05Use semver-compatible version numbers for pre-releases
  00013223   Debug client (console)minornew2016-06-28Xdebug causes PHP to segfault
  0001323    Feature/Change requestminornew2016-06-27Add config option to enable full paths in trace output
  000131222 Usage problemscrashassigned (derick)2016-06-24Possible duplicate of 686 but still present
  0001321    Installationtrivialnew2016-06-22Installation procedure stuck with phpize not available
  00013141   Installationminorresolved (derick)2016-06-15Does not compile with PHP 7.1.0-alpha1
  0001313    Usage problemscrashnew2016-06-13Segfault on centos when `xdebug.collect_params != 1`
  0001310    Usage problemsmajorresolved (derick)2016-06-10Eclipse Mars IDE Breakpoints ignored
  000130821 Debug client (console)crashfeedback (derick)2016-06-05Debugging php file crashed due to unexpected error (arrays involved)
  00012865   Usage problemscrashassigned (derick)2016-05-30When generating trace file with xdebug.collect_params = 4 it will crash if one of the param is a closure
  0001307    Debug client (console)minornew2016-05-29Incorrect PHP_INT_MAX/MIN info with xdebug.overload_var_dump enabled
  00012963   Usage problemsmajoracknowledged (derick)2016-05-29Using $this in __debugInfo() causes infinite recursion (see 0001166)
  0001297    Feature/Change requestmajorassigned (derick)2016-05-29PHP 7.1 support
  00012799   Usage problemscrashresolved (derick)2016-05-29Segmentation fault When run with code coverage
  0001233111 Usage problemscrashfeedback (derick)2016-05-29Segmentation fault with PHPUnit 5.1.3 (Dockerized environment)
  00010477   Usage problemscrashassigned (derick)2016-05-28PHP crashes when xdebug is enabled when calling any(?) function that would implicitely autoload a class
  000130532 Usage problemsminorassigned (derick)2016-05-27"can not get property" error
  00013061   Documentationminorresolved (derick)2016-05-25Looking for simple example of WordPress function call trace
  00005735   Debug client (console)minorresolved (derick)2016-05-18I cannot get the variable on a breakpoint
  00013042   Debug client (console)crashnew2016-05-18Segfault
  0001303    Installationmajornew2016-05-180000998 breaks compilation on Mac OS X
  0001301    Documentationminornew2016-05-12xdebug_dump_aggr_profiling_data and xdebug_clear_aggr_profiling_data are missing from the documentation page
  0001300    Feature/Change requestminornew2016-05-12XDebug functions are not exposing their signature to Reflection
  00011445   Feature/Change requestfeaturenew2016-05-12Add support for filtering of files for code coverage
  00012694   Usage problemsmajorresolved (derick)2016-05-10xdebug_break() does not work in PHP Interactive Shell
  000128371 Debug client (console)blockresolved (derick)2016-05-10Docker PHP7 + xdebug dumping core
  000128711 Usage problemsmajorresolved (derick)2016-05-10Code coverage: foreach next cycle is reported as wrong line under PHP7
  00012893   Usage problemsblockresolved (derick)2016-05-10Not breaking at breakpoints
  0001298    Feature/Change requestmajornew2016-05-03Incomplete stack trace when re-throwing exception
  000129411 Usage problemsmajornew2016-04-12VERY long delays when execution exceptions.
  00012732   Installationblockresolved (derick)2016-04-04impossible to build correct xdebug for PHP5.6 if PHP7.0 also installed
  00012901   Documentationblockresolved (derick)2016-04-01missing exact usage instructions in respect with a lamp stack
  00012841   Feature/Change requestminorresolved (derick)2016-03-14Opening braces are not counted in code coverage
  0001285 1 Debug client (console)majornew2016-03-12When I set a BP in one position work fine, when I put it some line after I get a PHP exception
  00009382   Feature/Change requestmajornew2016-03-10Unreliable debugging of forking processes
  00012803   Usage problemsminorresolved (derick)2016-03-08Wrong coverage report in switch case statements since PHP 7
  00012763   Usage problemscrashassigned (derick)2016-03-06Xdebug sometimes crashes
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