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  0001296    Usage problemsmajornew2016-04-26Using $this in __debugInfo() causes infinite recursion (see 0001166)
  0001246241 Usage problemscrashassigned (derick)2016-04-25Seg fault when running PHPUnit with code coverage
  000129231 Usage problemsmajorassigned (derick)2016-04-22NOTICE: PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Access to undeclared static property
  0001295    Usage problemscrashnew2016-04-18Apache crashes (SIGSEGV) when trying to establish connection when sockfd is large
  00012912   Installationmajorassigned (derick)2016-04-17Debugclient installation fails on Mac OS X
  000129411 Usage problemsmajornew2016-04-12VERY long delays when execution exceptions.
  0001293    Debug client (console)majornew2016-04-12Great integer values ( bigger then 2 ^35 ) are wrong in the debug output, but right in the final php-output
  00012732   Installationblockresolved (derick)2016-04-04impossible to build correct xdebug for PHP5.6 if PHP7.0 also installed
  00012901   Documentationblockresolved (derick)2016-04-01missing exact usage instructions in respect with a lamp stack
  00012892   Usage problemsblocknew2016-04-01Not breaking at breakpoints
  000110662 Usage problemscrashassigned (derick)2016-03-19A thrown Exception after a class with __debugInfo gives 2 Errors
  0001287 1 Usage problemsmajornew2016-03-18Code coverage: foreach next cycle is reported as wrong line under PHP7
  00012861   Usage problemscrashnew2016-03-17When generating trace file with xdebug.collect_params = 4 it will crash if one of the param is a closure
  00012841   Feature/Change requestminorresolved (derick)2016-03-14Opening braces are not counted in code coverage
  0001285 1 Debug client (console)majornew2016-03-12When I set a BP in one position work fine, when I put it some line after I get a PHP exception
  00009382   Feature/Change requestmajornew2016-03-10Unreliable debugging of forking processes
  00012803   Usage problemsminorresolved (derick)2016-03-08Wrong coverage report in switch case statements since PHP 7
  000128361 Debug client (console)blockassigned (derick)2016-03-07Docker PHP7 + xdebug dumping core
  00012763   Usage problemscrashassigned (derick)2016-03-06Xdebug sometimes crashes
  000123381 Usage problemscrashfeedback (derick)2016-03-04Segmentation fault with PHPUnit 5.1.3 (Dockerized environment)
  00012797   Usage problemscrashassigned (derick)2016-03-04Segmentation fault When run with code coverage
  00012811   Usage problemsminorresolved (derick)2016-03-04when set code_coverage_branch_chec, memory exhausted
  000127212 Usage problemsminornew2016-03-04property_get doesn't return attributes for SimpleXMLElement
  0001278 1 Usage problemsminorassigned (derick)2016-03-03Xdebug with PHP 7 does not handle prefill-from-oparray for XDEBUG_CC_UNUSED
  0001263253 Debug client (console)crashfeedback (derick)2016-03-02Code coverage segmentation fault
  00012693   Usage problemsmajorfeedback (derick)2016-02-28xdebug_break() does not work in PHP Interactive Shell
  00012752   Documentationmajorresolved (derick)2016-02-27XDEBUG will not load
  00012713   Usage problemscrashfeedback (derick)2016-02-27PHP code “return xxx” may case crash
  000126541 Usage problemscrashfeedback (derick)2016-02-27xdebug crashes after ::__set_state();
  000126021 Usage problemsmajorresolved (derick)2016-02-27Xdebug does not respond to php7
  00012572   Usage problemscrashresolved (derick)2016-02-27Segmentation fault with XDEBUG_CC_UNUSED and built in PHP web server
  00012563   Debug client (console)crashresolved (derick)2016-02-27SEGSEGV in xdebug_var_export_fancy with PHP 7.0.2
  00012492   Debug client (console)crashresolved (derick)2016-02-27Crash when using with Jetbrains Phpstorm 10
  00012741   Usage problemsmajornew2016-02-19xdebug-remote: enters tight loop trying to connect to debug client, exhausting Windows to the point of global WSAENOBUFS (10053)
   0001179101 Usage problemsminorassigned (derick)2016-02-12Remote debugging terminates
  00012535   Usage problemsblockassigned (derick)2016-02-11Can not view private property from nested class
  00012681   Usage problemsminorresolved (derick)2016-02-11Problem with remote debugging
  000123051 Usage problemscrashresolved (derick)2016-02-11PHP7 <-> PHStorm 9 and 10 - Connection reset by peer
  00011855   Usage problemsblockresolved (derick)2016-02-11Dockerized Xdebug breaks on access to class static property
  000085796 Usage problemsblockresolved (derick)2016-02-11"Undefined property" reported from static reference?
  00012314   Usage problemscrashresolved (derick)2016-02-11Crash while trying to debug
  0001224122 Debug client (console)minorresolved (derick)2016-02-11phpunit coverage with php7 and 2.4.0RC3-dev coverage always 100%
  000125261 Debug client (console)blockresolved (derick)2016-02-11HTTP 500.0 Internal server error when assigning an array returned by a function to $_GET
  000125431 Usage problemscrashassigned (derick)2016-02-10Segmentation fault with PHP 7, xdebug and native spl_autoload()
  000125141 Usage problemsminorresolved (derick)2016-02-09Segmentation fault occurring on system shutdown. Causing big delay in apache shutting down.
  00012553   Usage problemscrashassigned (derick)2016-02-08SIGSEGV on breakpoint using FPM sapi
  00012593   Feature/Change requestminorresolved (derick)2016-02-08Stack trace print-outs in reverse order
  00012438   Debug client (console)minorresolved (derick)2016-02-08php7.0 crashed with sigsegv in xdebug_var_export
  00012641   Installationminorresolved (derick)2016-02-08Waiting for connect to Netbeans
  00012473   Usage problemsminorresolved (derick)2016-02-08xdebug.show_local_vars dumps variables with *uninitialized* values
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