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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00008755   Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2012-12-18xdebug causes segfault when using mocked SoapClient in PHPUnit
  00006291   Installationblockresolved (derick)2012-12-18compile failed...
  00007694   Installationmajorresolved (derick)2012-11-11Xdebug 2.1.3 fails install because it doesn't understand Zend PHP version
  00008712   Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2012-11-11PHP-FPM segfault during geben-display-context
  00008944   Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2012-11-11xdebug is always started without XDEBUG_SESSION_START
  00008822   Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2012-11-11Takes too long to communicate (more than 50sec)
  00008962   Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2012-11-10Eclipse breakpoints not working
  000081018   Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2012-10-242.2.0RC1-5.4-vc9.dll will not start debug session on php 5.4.0 ts
  000089222 (No Category)minorresolved (derick)2012-10-21breakpoint can not take effect
  00008951   Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2012-10-18xdebug never stops on single-line statements
  00008913   Installationblockresolved (derick)2012-10-12image not found error when attempting to load xdebug
  00008873   Installationminorresolved (derick)2012-10-01The Xdebug Extension Is Not Loaded. No Code Coverage Will Be Generated
  0000884    (No Category)crashresolved (derick)2012-10-01missing validation point returned by str:626in xdebug_error_cb
  00008801   (No Category)minorresolved (derick)2012-09-02ERROR IN CALC.PHP AT LINE 2
  00008691   Usage problems (Wrong Results)minorresolved (derick)2012-08-30Xdebug is ignoring breakpoints setup on the first line of multi line array definitions
  00008772   Usage problems (Wrong Results)minorresolved (derick)2012-08-27Cant get HTML(trace_format) output to work in broser
  0000870    Usage problems (Wrong Results)minorresolved (derick)2012-07-31X-debug
  00008591   Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2012-07-16Can not use Code Coverage
  000086824 (No Category)majorresolved (derick)2012-07-16Socket Exception in Netbeans
  000086531 Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2012-07-15Crash during session handling
  00008291   Feature/Change requestminorresolved (derick)2012-07-14Code coverage is wrong when using dim assign
  0000682 1 (No Category)majorresolved (derick)2012-07-14Binary key values in arrays aren't encoded
  000066711 Usage problems (Wrong Results)minorresolved (derick)2012-07-14Class static members are shown in the locals when using context_get
  000066461 Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2012-07-14xdebug crash: kernel: pid 98370 (httpd), uid 80: exited on signal 11
  00006503   Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2012-07-14xdebug sends invalid xml character in certain case
  000086642 Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2012-07-14Crash on attempt to get context local variables in Xdebug 2.2.0 and PHP 5.4.0 - PHP5.4.4
  000085561 (No Category)crashresolved (derick)2012-07-01Debug session crashes while debugging with EclipsePDT watching a variable.
  00008527   Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2012-06-29Empty browser output
  00008514   Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2012-06-28Segmentation fault
  00008621   Installationmajorresolved (derick)2012-06-28Github version fails make test with php 5.4.3
  00008073   Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2012-06-27Crash with closures
  00008564   Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2012-06-27Crashes with PHP 5.4.4 called in CLI
  000085362 Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2012-06-25Segmentation fault when running phpunit
  000084844 Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2012-06-11Tests for bug 0000838-0000840 fail (also, similar symptoms still seem to occur).
  000082561 Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2012-06-11syntax error, unexpected BOOL_FALSE in [filename] on li ne 2042
  00008451   Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2012-05-29Only VC9 builds for PHP 5.2? O_o
  00008283   Installationminorresolved (derick)2012-05-09'Changelog' not included in tarball
  000082631 Usage problems (Wrong Results)minorresolved (derick)2012-05-03Profiler reports call times of "0" seconds for all functions, files
  000082253 Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2012-05-02Browser returns empty output
  000082433 (No Category)crashresolved (derick)2012-05-02XDebug terminates when viewing STATIC variable and 2 or more variables
  000081781 Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2012-04-28Missing arguments in function traces
  00007514   Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2012-04-28xDebug crashes various versions Apache
  00007935   Installationminorresolved (derick)2012-04-28PEAR segmentation fault on install
  000065776 Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2012-04-28xdebug_print_function_stack( [ string message ] ) spread on 5 screens
  00007832   Installationmajorresolved (derick)2012-04-28Cannot run with PHP v5.4RC8: undefined symbol: output_globals_id
  000077510   Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2012-04-24eaa74b501c75dcd9c9912d5ef407625b782fcd26 broke resume
  00008168   (No Category)majorresolved (derick)2012-04-23Xdebug 2.2.0rc1
  000081444 Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2012-04-23Xdebug craches everytime when debugging using Xdebug 2.2.0RC1, Eclipse and Windows
  000081552 Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2012-04-23Xdebug crashes when 'exit' operator used in the script
  000081343 Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2012-04-23Browser returns empty output for any request when debugging using Xdebug 2.2.0RC1 on Windows
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