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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00006371   Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2014-02-27XDebug Does Not Start (Using Eclipse)
  00006011   Feature/Change requestfeatureresolved (derick)2014-02-27enable xdebug_get_headers to get status headers
  00005941   Feature/Change requestfeatureresolved (derick)2014-02-27Extend the scream support
  00005892   Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2014-02-27Remote Debuuging is broken using latest Eclipse Helios (Win32)
  00005803   Usage problems (Wrong Results)minorresolved (derick)2014-02-27Segfault with nested __destruct() calls
  0001013    Feature/Change requestminorresolved (derick)2014-01-06Add support for variadics
  00005431   Feature/Change requestfeatureresolved (derick)2014-01-04add url and http get/post parameters or cli parameters to profiler
  00005211   Feature/Change requestminorresolved (derick)2014-01-04"GLOBAL" property is returned "recursively" for context_get -c 1
  000046314   Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2014-01-03Segmentation fault: xdebug & PHP/Java Bridge
  00004432   Usage problems (Wrong Results)minorresolved (derick)2014-01-03Segmentation Fault while calling undefined function during traversal of iterator
  000100763 (No Category)minorresolved (derick)2013-12-05Static Variables are showing "uninitialized" when stepping through the debug process
  00009881   Documentationminorresolved (derick)2013-12-04Incomplete docs on computerized format
  00010022   Usage problems (Wrong Results)minorresolved (derick)2013-11-11xdebug_start_code_coverage(XDEBUG_CC_UNUSED | XDEBUG_CC_DEAD_CODE); seems broken on ioncube files
  000095263 Installationmajorresolved (derick)2013-10-14Xdebug shows as Not Installed
  000092671 Installationblockresolved (derick)2013-10-14Xdebug is Not Running
  00009691   Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2013-10-09XDebug (when used with PHPUnit) marks closing curly braces after a switch or if as not covered
  000097012 (No Category)minorresolved (derick)2013-09-28crash at zend_parse_arg when run PHP script in CLI
  00009741   Usage problems (Wrong Results)minorresolved (derick)2013-09-06not stop at breakpoint
  000089971 Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2013-06-22Hang after conditional breakpoint evaluation causes an exception
  00009253   (No Category)crashresolved (derick)2013-06-22crash accessing php object properties
  00009279   Usage problems (Wrong Results)blockresolved (derick)2013-06-22Warnings during make and malloc pinter error on execution
  000091451 Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2013-06-22Apache crashes when displaying variables
  00009373   Installationcrashresolved (derick)2013-06-22Unable to work with php 5.5.0 beta1
  00009363   Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2013-06-22Segmentation fault on Exception
  00009491   Usage problems (Wrong Results)minorresolved (derick)2013-06-22Breakpoint on the boolean if statement
  00009531   Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2013-06-22Can not debug arrays which keys contain zero characters
  00009413   Usage problems (Wrong Results)blockresolved (derick)2013-06-15trace_format=1 is being ignored
  000073281 Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2013-06-04'property_get' command should accept integer array key surround with quotes
  000085073 (No Category)minorresolved (derick)2013-05-26Segmentation fault on xdebug_var_export
  0000658151 Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2013-05-23Eclipse/Xdebug crashes when debugging drupal
  000094452 Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2013-05-22Get "Socket Exception occured" when trying to connect to mySQL through NetBeans
  000094811 Usage problems (Wrong Results)minorresolved (derick)2013-05-18Unused+DeadCode not returning (-2) because of nested IF
  00009461   Documentationminorresolved (derick)2013-05-18Web page describing remote debugging has a link which confusingly links to the same page
  00009453   Installationminorresolved (derick)2013-05-18configure uses wrong path to php
  00009402   (No Category)majorresolved (derick)2013-05-18xdebug quits when it reaches an object cast to array that contained protected properties
  00006105   Usage problems (Wrong Results)minorresolved (derick)2013-05-18Xdebug sends invalid '&#0' char reference in response
  00009183   Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2013-05-14XDebug connect to IDE but browser says Empty response
  00009173   (No Category)majorresolved (derick)2013-03-11Unable to connect to xdebug
  00009191   Usage problems (Wrong Results)minorresolved (derick)2013-03-09Headers of html in body
  00009163   Installationcrashresolved (derick)2013-03-09Failed to load, undefined symbol: php_body_write
  00008974   Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2013-03-09Segfault with catchable fatal error and error handler
  00009131   Feature/Change requestminorresolved (derick)2013-03-09PHP 5.4.1 / 5.3.11 "Added debug info handler to DOM objects." not supported
  000091021 Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2013-03-09Exceptions or warnings when debugging DOMAttr objects
  00009111   Usage problems (Wrong Results)blockresolved (derick)2013-03-09Cannot debug console scripts with Netbeans
  00009125   (No Category)majorresolved (derick)2013-02-07xdebug remote never starts
  00008755   Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2012-12-18xdebug causes segfault when using mocked SoapClient in PHPUnit
  00006291   Installationblockresolved (derick)2012-12-18compile failed...
  00007694   Installationmajorresolved (derick)2012-11-11Xdebug 2.1.3 fails install because it doesn't understand Zend PHP version
  00008712   Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2012-11-11PHP-FPM segfault during geben-display-context
  00008944   Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2012-11-11xdebug is always started without XDEBUG_SESSION_START
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