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0001499XdebugStep Debuggingpublic2017-12-05 14:24
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Summary0001499: property_set: unable to change array item value

I'm trying to change an array item value using the DBGP protocol.

Let's assume I want to set the 'foo bar' key of the $a array to the 'lorem2' string (bG9yZW0y in base64).

I tried all these commands:

property_set -t string -n $a["foo bar"] -d 0 -l 8 -- bG9yZW0y
property_set -t string -n $a['foo bar'] -d 0 -l 8 -- bG9yZW0y
property_set -t string -n $a[\"foo bar\"] -d 0 -l 8 -- bG9yZW0y
property_set -t string -n $a["foo bar"] -d 0 -l 8 -- bG9yZW0y

but xdebug always responds with an error (code: 1, message: parse error in command).

Am I missing something?

Additional Information

Tested this in xdebug 2.6.0alpha1 with the DLL from

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Operating SystemWindows 10
PHP Version7.2.0-7.2.4


duplicate of 0001488 closedderick Rewrite property_set to use eval 



2017-12-05 13:44

reporter   ~0004500

I also tried with

property_set -t string -n "$a[\"foo bar\"]" -d 0 -l 8 -- bG9yZW0y

In this case, I get a successful response from xdebug (success="1"), but the actual value of the array doesn't change.


2017-12-05 14:00

administrator   ~0004501

In all of your example, you miss the "-i <id>", unless you didn't show the full commands?

In any case, this is a duplicate of:

I also asked people on twitter about this:


2017-12-05 14:24

reporter   ~0004502

In all of your example, you miss the "-i <id>", unless you didn't show the full commands?

Yes, sorry, I only wrote the partial commands. All the above commands have the "-i <id>" parameter.

Looking forward for the resolution of 0001488


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