Scheduled For Release 2019-12-05
0001562: [Feature/Change request] Retrieve local variables from stack trace
0001702: [Remote Debugging] External file path mapping function for debug
0001712: [Profiling] Add unit to profiler data types
0001711: [Profiling] Add .gz compression for cachegrind files
0001670: [Feature/Change request] Allow filtering out source code when profiling
0001710: [Profiling] Doubled recursion count in kcachegrind on select recursive function (derick)
0001472: [Feature/Change request] xdebug.trace_format: computer readable format (derick)
0001608: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] XDEBUG_CONFIG env var make sessions automatically START ever (at least send the XDEBUG_SESSION cookie) (derick)
0001575: [Feature/Change request] API to start/stop debug session at runtime
0001016: [Feature/Change request] Support for pause-execution (derick)
0001721: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Unablt to stop debug session - XDEBUG_SESSION cookie not deleted
0001674: [Code Coverage] Inconsistent Path & Branch Coverage Reported (derick)
0001378: [Feature/Change request] Unfortunate coupling of default_enable=1 and remote_mode=jit
0001743: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Figuring out whether a call is a closure uses string comparisions instead of checking the ACC flag (derick)
0001680: [Feature/Change request] Update var dumping routines to include relevant information for interned strings and immutable arrays (derick)
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Scheduled For Release 2020-06-30
0001726: [Feature/Change request] Memory leaks spotted in various places in typical error code paths
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