Scheduled For Release 2023-06-30
0002143: [Step Debugging] Suggestions for dbgp Proxy
0002144: [Uncategorized] Xdebug 3.2.0 ignores xdebug.mode and enables all features (derick)
0002148: [Uncategorized] Icon for link to docs in xdebug_info() HTML output does not always render correctly (derick)
0001819: [Step Debugging] Allow a list of headers in 'xdebug.client_discovery_header' (derick)
0002138: [Step Debugging] Step debugger does not stop when the debugging client closes the connection (derick)
0002135: [Step Debugging] Xdebug stops twice at the same line after a call breakpoint or xdebug_break() (derick)
0002133: [Step Debugging] Warning with regards to extra NUL character in xdebug_setcookie call (derick)
0002126: [Step Debugging] Problems with retrieving global variables (derick)
0002113: [Step Debugging] Crash at step_into after thrown exception with return value debugging en (derick)
0002122: [Step Debugging] Local variables are not available when using start_upon_error (derick)
0002121: [Uncategorized] Xdebug does not use local independent float-to-string functions (derick)
0002117: [Uncategorized] Removed emulated properties for closures, as PHP 8.2 adds debug information for them (derick)
0002125: [Code Coverage] Crash with PHP 8.2 on 32-bit due to change in "not set" value with CATCH opcode (derick)
0002124: [Step Debugging] Xdebug incorrectly reports that there are no children for static closure properties, even thought there are (derick)
0002123: [Step Debugging] Add warning in log and diagnositics information when a breakpoint is set on a non-existing file (derick)
0002112: [Step Debugging] Force 'return_value' breakpoint information and step to 'on' temporarily (derick)
0002105: [Uncategorized] 3.2.0alpha1 package misses the php-header.h file (derick)
0002002: [Tracing] xdebug_trace_handler_t handler members are not always checked for NULL when executing (derick)
0002014: [Uncategorized] Drop support for PHP 7.2 (derick)
0002102: [Uncategorized] Drop support for PHP 7.3 (derick)
0002086: [Step Debugging] Include return value in return breakpoint interruption response (derick)
0002087: [Step Debugging] Introduce step for the return state and virtual property for return value (derick)
0002089: [Installation] Alpine Linux does not support res_ninit (derick)
0002098: [Step Debugging] With breakpoint_include_return_value enabled step_out break at every function (derick)
0002104: [Uncategorized] Add support for PHP 8.2 "SensitiveParameter" attribute (derick)
0002103: [Uncategorized] Remove support for PHP 7.4 (derick)
0002079: [Step Debugging] Add pseudo hosts xdebug://gateway and xdebug://nameserver (derick)
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Scheduled For Release 2023-12-31
0002150: [Code Coverage] Collapse the two FOREACH start op codes into one to improve path/branch coverage accurateness
0001964: [Step Debugging] WSL UNC paths don't have needed prefix (derick)
0001155: [Step Debugging] Local variables are not shown when execution break in error_handler (derick)
0000888: [Step Debugging] Extend xdebug to support reverse debugging (derick)
0002000: [Step Debugging] Dubugger evaluate expression: "can't evaluate expression"
0001732: [Profiling] Add support for flame graph outputs
0001985: [Step Debugging] Add filter support for step debugging
0001852: [Step Debugging] Add SSL support to talk to Xdebug Cloud
0001800: [Uncategorized] Enable and initialise 'filter' only when mode is trace or coverage
0001799: [Code Coverage] Inconsistent output of branch/path data when running under Opcache (derick)
0001702: [Step Debugging] External file path mapping function for debug
0001670: [Profiling] Allow filtering out source code when profiling
0001562: [Stacktraces] Retrieve local variables from stack trace
0002072: [Profiling] Rewrite the profiler
0000450: [Uncategorized] "Incomplete" backtraces when an exception gets rethrown (derick)
0000077: [Profiling] Profiler doesn't handle recursive functions (derick)
0002118: [Step Debugging] xdebug_break reports incorrect line information
0001979: [Uncategorized] Xdebug crashes with opcache.protect_memory=yes
0000407: [Profiling] Profilerdumpfile name is always auto_prepend_file name (derick)
0001674: [Code Coverage] Inconsistent Path & Branch Coverage Reported (derick)
0001815: [Tracing] valgrind memory warning with tests/tracing/bug00905-php72.phpt (derick)
0002132: [Uncategorized] Errors when mountinfo does not have enough information for finding systemd private tmp directory (derick)
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