Scheduled For Release 2020-06-26
0001815: [Tracing] valgrind memory warning with tests/tracing/bug00905-php72.phpt
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Scheduled For Release 2020-11-30
0001818: [Uncategorized] Switch variable storage from char*/size_t to zend_string*
0001816: [Step Debugging] Using an Exception breakpoint leaks memory
0001814: [Step Debugging] Don't call gettimeofday when it's not needed.
0001813: [Uncategorized] Make sure that the xdebug_init_*_globals don't do more than they need to
0001810: [Stacktraces] Remove collect_vars and xdebug_get_declared_vars()
0001757: [Step Debugging] Pause-execution feature degrades performance
0001670: [Profiling] Allow filtering out source code when profiling
0001562: [Stacktraces] Retrieve local variables from stack trace
0001566: [Step Debugging] Add support for debugging with Swoole
0001702: [Step Debugging] External file path mapping function for debug
0001711: [Profiling] Add .gz compression for cachegrind files
0001797: [Uncategorized] Implement generic logging
0001800: [Uncategorized] Enable and initialise 'filter' only when mode is trace or coverage
0001726: [Uncategorized] Memory leaks spotted in various places in typical error code paths
0001781: [Stacktraces] Enhance error messages with text 'Xdebug'
0001752: [Uncategorized] Use a stack pool to manage stack entries instead of allocating and deallocating entries (derick)
0001472: [Tracing] xdebug.trace_format: computer readable format (derick)
0001575: [Step Debugging] API to start/stop debug session at runtime
0001608: [Step Debugging] XDEBUG_CONFIG env var make sessions automatically START ever (at least send the XDEBUG_SESSION cookie) (derick)
0001710: [Profiling] Doubled recursion count in kcachegrind on select recursive function (derick)
0001824: [Uncategorized] Allow Xdebug's mode to be set through an environment variable
0001807: [Documentation] Document Xdebug installation with yum and apt
0001808: [Documentation] Improve step debugging documentation and flow
0001789: [Uncategorized] Provide PHP stubs for Xdebug's functions
0001721: [Step Debugging] Unablt to stop debug session - XDEBUG_SESSION cookie not deleted
0001674: [Code Coverage] Inconsistent Path & Branch Coverage Reported (derick)
0001803: [Documentation] Make documentation clearer and assume fewer prior knowledge
0001802: [Documentation] Improve home page
0001804: [Documentation] Make demos (video) of Xdebug's features
0001805: [Documentation] Explain how Xdebug and Docker work together
0001829: [Profiling] Switch to 10ns profiler resolution (derick)
0001820: [Profiling] Increase time tracing precision (derick)
0001826: [Profiling] Reduce profiler memory allocation and call overhead (derick)
0001825: [Profiling] Improve profiler performance by not calling fflush after every function (derick)
0001823: [Profiling] Profiler generates negative data for memory usage (derick)
0001801: [Uncategorized] Rename mode 'display' to mode 'develop' (derick)
0001809: [Uncategorized] Remove "overload_var_dump" setting (derick)
0001812: [Tracing] Remove show_mem_delta setting (derick)
0001811: [Stacktraces] Remove xdebug.collect_includes setting and always include them (derick)
0001817: [Uncategorized] Switch filename storage from char*/size_t to zend_string* (derick)
0001783: [Tracing] Stacktrace needs vertical scrolling on small screens. (derick)
0001795: [Uncategorized] Deprecate PHP 7.1 support (derick)
0001796: [Documentation] Add reflection information to all functions, their argument names and types, and their return types (derick)
0001793: [Step Debugging] Add xdebug.start_upon_error setting to cover the removed xdebug.remote_mode=jit feature. (derick)
0001792: [Step Debugging] Change start_with_request=always/never to start_with_request=yes/no (derick)
0001794: [Code Coverage] Replace the filter's blacklist/whitelist with exclude/include (derick)
0001016: [Step Debugging] Support for pause-execution (derick)
0001378: [Step Debugging] Unfortunate coupling of default_enable=1 and remote_mode=jit (derick)
0001791: [Uncategorized] Replace xdebug.*trigger*, xdebug.*trigger_value*, with xdebug.start_with_request=trigger and xdebug.trigger_value (derick)
0001786: [Step Debugging] Remove idekey value fallback to USER/USERNAME environment variable (derick)
0001785: [Step Debugging] Replace xdebug.remote_mode and xdebug.auto_trace with generic "start-with-request" setting (derick)
0001762: [Installation] Introduce feature modes (derick)
0001773: [Uncategorized] Replace all xdebug.*_output_dir settings with xdebug.output_dir (derick)
0001755: [Step Debugging] Overload pcntl_fork() to prevent performance degradation by calling xdebug_get_pid often (derick)
0001756: [Step Debugging] Php process won't exit after running connected to a client (derick)
0001712: [Profiling] Add unit to profiler data types (derick)
0001680: [Uncategorized] Update var dumping routines to include relevant information for interned strings and immutable arrays (derick)
0001743: [Uncategorized] Figuring out whether a call is a closure uses string comparisions instead of checking the ACC flag (derick)
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