Scheduled For Release 2019-09-30
0001534: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Segfault when exception thrown in a closure bound to class scope (derick)
0001594: [Code Coverage] Opening braces covered but closing braces are not covered in code coverage in few scenarios (derick)
0001552: [Feature/Change request] When display_error is On, http status is 200 with Fatal Error (derick)
0001655: [Profiling] 2 profile/cachegrind files created when auto_prepend_file in use (derick)
0001549: [Stacktraces] Segfault when rendering arguments in stack frames for thrown exceptions (derick)
0001389: [Feature/Change request] Support 'breakpoint_resolved' notification (derick)
0001665: [Remote Debugging] Segfault when overriding a function object parameter + collect_params > 0 (derick)
0001700: [Installation] Xdebug abuses possibilty immutable class flags (derick)
0001698: [Installation] Switch PHP 7.4 Windows builds back to VS17 (derick)
0001691: [Code Coverage] Incorrect detection: line executed is marked as not executed (derick)
0001676: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] xdebug_trace_* deinit and write_footer not called for shutdown functions (derick)
0001652: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] The DBGp "detach" test fails with a segmentation fault (derick)
0001613: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Wrong error message for Fatal (derick)
0001589: [Profiling] function names used in auto_prepend_file missing from main cachegrind file (derick)
0001573: [Profiling] Using an exception_handler creates an extra broken profiler file (derick)
0001541: [Code Coverage] switch/case case is not covered when using php-fpm php 7.0 (derick)
0001540: [Code Coverage] Multiline class instantiate within method call is not covered when using php-fpm (derick)
0001689: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Traces show return values and exit information for functions without entry information (derick)
0001679: [Code Coverage] FETCH_STATIC_PROP_FUNC_ARG is not overloaded (derick)
0001682: [Remote Debugging] Invalid character reference (null byte) in debugger XML (derick)
0001683: [Installation] Xdebug does not compile due to changes to ASSIGN_ADD and friends operations in PHP 7.4alpha3 (derick)
0001687: [Remote Debugging] Use appropriate process ID for logging and "is this the right process" tracking (derick)
0001688: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Improve performance by using getpid() only when step debugger is active (derick)
0001599: [Installation] Add support for PHP 7.4 (derick)
0001660: [Remote Debugging] Return breakpoints for methods don't break immediately (derick)
0001664: [Remote Debugging] Run breakpoint resolver when after a new breakpoint is added as well (derick)
0001666: [Feature/Change request] Remove xdebug.extended_info setting (derick)
0001388: [Feature/Change request] Support 'resolved' flag for breakpoints (derick)
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Scheduled For Release 2019-12-05
0001670: [Feature/Change request] Allow filtering out source code when profiling
0001472: [Feature/Change request] xdebug.trace_format: computer readable format (derick)
0001608: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] XDEBUG_CONFIG env var make sessions automatically START ever (at least send the XDEBUG_SESSION cookie) (derick)
0001575: [Feature/Change request] API to start/stop debug session at runtime
0001016: [Feature/Change request] Support for pause-execution (derick)
0001301: [Feature/Change request] Remove aggregation profiling feature (derick)
0001674: [Code Coverage] Inconsistent Path & Branch Coverage Reported (derick)
0001378: [Feature/Change request] Unfortunate coupling of default_enable=1 and remote_mode=jit
0001680: [Feature/Change request] Update var dumping routines to include relevant information for interned strings and immutable arrays (derick)
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