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0002161XdebugStep Debuggingpublic2023-02-23 13:50
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Product Version3.2.0 
Summary0002161: Breakpoints not updated when process is running

When a PHP is process is already running and you add a new breakpoint, it will never be triggered unless a script is restarted.

With the rise of popularity of Swoole, RoadRunner, AmPHP and related tools like Laravel Octane, this becomes increasingly more of a problem because debugging gets much harder. In case of Swoole, they've recently added support for XDebug, but it's still hard to actually make use of it because of having to constantly restart the server to make it reload the breakpoints.

There are workarounds for that, but all are suboptimal:

  • you can either run php-fpm alongside Swoole solely for debugging (which makes it unnecessarily complex and sometimes doesn't allow reproducing the problem the same way as in Swoole)
  • or you can reload Swoole every time you add a breakpoint, which kills the developer experience

Are there any possible workarounds XDebug can implement to address this issue?

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Ask me if you want me to prepare a repository to reproduce this.

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PHP Version8.1.5-8.1.9


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