Scheduled For Release 2019-02-27
0001577: [Code Coverage] Code coverage with CATCH does wrong for PHP 7.3 (derick)
0001301: [Documentation] xdebug_dump_aggr_profiling_data and xdebug_clear_aggr_profiling_data are missing from the documentation page (derick)
0001520: [Remote Debugging] Xdebug does not handle variable names with "-" in their name (derick)
0001552: [Feature/Change request] When display_error is On, http status is 200 with Fatal Error (derick)
0001625: [Remote Debugging] Work around ABI conflicts in PHP 7.3.0/PHP 7.3.1 (derick)
0001629: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] SOAP Client/Server detection code does not handle inherited classes (derick)
0001551: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Property with value null is not represented well (derick)
0001621: [Installation] Xdebug fails to compile cleanly on 32-bit platforms (derick)
0001628: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] The PHP function name being constructed to record when GC Collection runs, is not freed (derick)
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Scheduled For Release 2019-03-05
0001549: [Stacktraces] Segfault when rendering arguments in stack frames for thrown exceptions (derick)
0001541: [Code Coverage] switch/case case is not covered when using php-fpm php 7.0 (derick)
0001594: [Code Coverage] Opening braces covered but closing braces are not covered in code coverage in few scenarios
0001613: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Wrong error message for Fatal
0001540: [Code Coverage] Multiline class instantiate within method call is not covered when using php-fpm (derick)
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Scheduled For Release 2019-08-31
0001599: [Installation] Allow building for PHP 7.4, and soft-deprecate PHP 7.0 support. (derick)
0001615: [Feature/Change request] Turn off Zend OPcache when remote debugger is turned On. (derick)
0001389: [Feature/Change request] Support 'breakpoint_resolved' notification
0001378: [Feature/Change request] Unfortunate coupling of default_enable=1 and remote_mode=jit
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