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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000126551 Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2016-12-04xdebug crashes after ::__set_state();
  000125431 Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashacknowledged (derick)2016-12-04Segmentation fault with PHP 7, xdebug and native spl_autoload()
  00012554   Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2016-12-04SIGSEGV on breakpoint using FPM sapi
  00012444   Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2016-12-04SIGSEGV When Using xdebug_start_code_coverage
  00012287   Usage problems (Wrong Results)minorresolved (derick)2016-12-04Crashes under php7 with collect_params option enabled
  00007314   Usage problems (Wrong Results)minorresolved (derick)2016-12-04Infinite loop possible with xdebug_llist_empty() function
  00013517   Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2016-12-04Error message and segfault
  000087351 Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2016-12-03Crash viewing COM object properties in Eclipse PDT
  00012112   Usage problems (Wrong Results)minorresolved (derick)2016-12-03ReflectionGenerator reports wrong line number with xdebug
  00011247   Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2016-12-03"invalid pointer" crash in httpd when running code coverage
  00011863   Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2016-12-03xdebug crash when using \DOMAttr with collect_params > 0
  00000776   Usage problems (Wrong Results)majoracknowledged (derick)2016-12-03Profiler doesn't handle recursive functions
  000137222 Usage problems (Wrong Results)minorresolved (derick)2016-12-02Problems in coverage with xdebug and uopz
  0001138121 Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2016-11-29Xdebug is not able to evaluate arrays
  000109031 Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2016-11-29XDebug showing debug-eval when there is no eval code
  000096581 Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2016-11-29xdebug crash on trace
  000109122 Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorconfirmed (derick)2016-11-29Memory corruption when throwing a message that overrides the 'message' property
  00007652   Installationminorresolved (derick)2016-11-29Xdebug slows down PHP execution 30%-50% when running inside VirtualBox
  00010127   Usage problems (Wrong Results)minorresolved (derick)2016-11-29nested try catch blocks ends up in PHP Fatal error
  0000951112 Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2016-11-29when extension is loaded IIS crashed most of the time with 500 http code Error 0xC0000005
  000098993 Usage problems (Wrong Results)blockresolved (derick)2016-11-28Tracing does not work with PHP 5.5.5
  00010443   Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2016-11-28SEGFAULT when used with Phalcon
  00008727   Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2016-11-28xdebug_get_code_coverage() returns bogus array elements
  00009727   Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2016-11-28Xdebug crashes on request to non-existing file with built-in webserver
  000095442 Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2016-11-28Crash when accessing object property in another call stack level
  000099541 Usage problems (Wrong Results)minorresolved (derick)2016-11-28Can't evaluate array with non-latin symbols via context_get
  0000991    Documentationminorresolved (derick)2016-11-28Add component diagram to the website
  00009833   Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2016-11-28XDebug could not open the remote debug file ''
  0000986    Usage problems (Wrong Results)minorresolved (derick)2016-11-28Check issue with no_exec in PHP 5.5
  00009772   Documentationtextresolved (derick)2016-11-28Add Codebug to xdebug client list on [^]
  00009681   Installationtrivialresolved (derick)2016-11-28Mac os Xdebug installed but does appear on the phpinfo()
  00009621   Usage problems (Wrong Results)minorresolved (derick)2016-11-28Can't solve problem ", 9): image not found"
  000095733 Documentationtrivialresolved (derick)2016-11-28Wizard doesn't mention DLL file name
  000094221 Feature/Change requestminoracknowledged (derick)2016-11-28Strack traces can be unreadable due to missing foreground colour
  0000861    Documentationminoracknowledged (derick)2016-11-28Describe encoding of the 'fileuri' parameter in DBGp
  00007801   Documentationminorresolved (derick)2016-11-28Add DreamHost setup
  00013681   Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2016-11-28xdebug_get_headers() does not include HTTP status headers
  0000621    Documentationtextconfirmed (derick)2016-11-27mention in the docs,some tricks to make profiling better
  00008812   Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2016-11-27xdebug's var_dump cannot dump MySQLi_Result object info... (just says NULL)
  00008761   Documentationminorresolved (derick)2016-11-27Tailored instructions do not say to update /etc/php5/apache/php.ini
  00007591   Usage problems (Wrong Results)minorresolved (derick)2016-11-27XDebug remote debug hangs when php file debugged calls another php file with auto_start enabled
  000035716   Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2016-11-27Profiler shows huge times for certain calls
  00004071   Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorconfirmed (derick)2016-11-27Profilerdumpfile name is always auto_prepend_file name
  00003921   Usage problems (Wrong Results)minorresolved (derick)2016-11-27stdout redirect behaves the same as copy
  00008332   Usage problems (Wrong Results)minorresolved (derick)2016-11-27Documentation about segmentation fault with pear upgrade.
  00013529   Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2016-11-23Segfault when running phpunit-mock-objects test suite
  00012226   Usage problems (Wrong Results)minorresolved (derick)2016-11-22[2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4] Xdebug attempt a memory allocation so big that the linux kernel will kill it
  000136271 Installationmajorresolved (derick)2016-11-20Issue in installing xdebug
  00013372   Usage problems (Wrong Results)blockresolved (derick)2016-11-16Dockerized Xdebug breaks on access to class static property
  000136411 Profilingcrashresolved (derick)2016-11-16Crash on debug yii2 console script
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