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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00012765   Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2017-01-03Xdebug sometimes crashes
  00012743   Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2017-01-03xdebug-remote: enters tight loop trying to connect to debug client, exhausting Windows to the point of global WSAENOBUFS (10053)
  00011845   Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2017-01-03core dump while generating code coverage of a phpunit test suite
  00011624   Installationcrashresolved (derick)2017-01-03php5ts.dll crashes with xdebug enabled
  00011583   Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2017-01-03xdebug captures fatal errors in the log instead of showing them in the browser
  00010802   Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2017-01-03Code coverage causes timeout for stream_socket_accept
  00010202   Usage problems (Wrong Results)minorresolved (derick)2017-01-03can not break when use spl_autoload_register,breakpoints has no effect
  000109974 Installationmajorresolved (derick)2016-12-23I used your tool to update php.ini file and install the newest xdebug dll. Restarting XAMPP and Eclipse still does not recognize
  00013703   Usage problems (Wrong Results)minorresolved (derick)2016-12-23Can't evaluate property of class that extends ArrayObject
  000069341 Usage problems (Wrong Results)minorresolved (derick)2016-12-23Profiling: cachegrind files not written when filename exceeds 260 characters
  00010264   Installationmajorresolved (derick)2016-12-23XDebug loads from command line, but does not show via web ui
  00010082   Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2016-12-23Using session_write_close to enable concurrent requests has no effect when Xdebug is on
  00009562   Installationtrivialresolved (derick)2016-12-23small notes from LLVM/CLANG compilers about xdebug code
  000074941 Usage problems (Wrong Results)minorresolved (derick)2016-12-23Triggered pcntl_alarm callbacks lets to socket error when debugging with netbeans
  00013673   Remote Debuggingcrashresolved (derick)2016-12-19debugger SIGSEGV crashes on breakpoint on certain cases with amqp lib
  0001378    Feature/Change requestminorconfirmed2016-12-15Unfortunate coupling of default_enable=1 and remote_mode=jit
  00009553   Feature/Change requestfeatureassigned (derick)2016-12-14provide a profiler API for xdebug
  00002622   Feature/Change requesttrivialresolved (derick)2016-12-13Supporting break command with minimum overhead
  00013533   Feature/Change requestfeatureacknowledged2016-12-13Make static function xdebug_dbgp_parse_option() extern
  00012162   Feature/Change requestminoracknowledged2016-12-13Investigate optimisations in when to turn things on and off
  00005371   Feature/Change requestminoracknowledged2016-12-13Retrieving executable lines for whole source file, not only current stack level
  00002641   Feature/Change requesttweakacknowledged2016-12-13Overload opcodes for isset(), empty(), ...
  00010001   Feature/Change requestminoracknowledged (derick)2016-12-13Code Folding
  00004501   Feature/Change requesttweakacknowledged (derick)2016-12-13"Incomplete" backtraces when an exception gets rethrown
  00003942   Feature/Change requesttrivialresolved (derick)2016-12-13use the stderr stream in DBGp to route messages from php error handler to a debug client
  0000276    Feature/Change requestminoracknowledged2016-12-13Aggregate profiling should not use zend_hash
  00005041   Feature/Change requestmajorresolved (derick)2016-12-13i'd like to be able to list a whitelist / blacklist of functions & classes for a trace / profiling
  00003652   Feature/Change requestminorresolved (derick)2016-12-13Feature patch, allow code coverage to avoid "covering" certain files by path.
  00011281   Remote Debuggingminoracknowledged (derick)2016-12-13variables missing from Locals window when passing extra parameters to function/method
  00011448   Feature/Change requestfeatureresolved (derick)2016-12-13Add support for filtering of files for code coverage
  00004045   Profilingmajorresolved (derick)2016-12-13auto_prepend_file and 2.0.3 incompatible
  00007391   Feature/Change requestfeatureacknowledged (derick)2016-12-13Provide an option to send profiler snapshot using sockets instead of dumping it on the disk
  00006131   Feature/Change requestfeatureacknowledged (derick)2016-12-13Allow starting/stoping/restarting the profiling
  00013211   Installationtrivialresolved (derick)2016-12-13Installation procedure stuck with phpize not available
  00011771   Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2016-12-13After enable Xdebug PHP works incredibly slow
  00006033   Feature/Change requestfeatureresolved (derick)2016-12-12Idea : change CSS style presentation
  000111631 Feature/Change requestminoracknowledged (derick)2016-12-12Xdebug sends a stopping status message after a stopped status message
  00012084   Feature/Change requestmajorresolved (derick)2016-12-12Look at optimisations for Xdebug - especially in combination with composer.
  00010774   Remote Debuggingminorresolved (derick)2016-12-12IPv6 Support
  00013455   Remote Debuggingblockresolved (derick)2016-12-12Extension is disabled in IIS and gives server error if enabled
  00005798   Feature/Change requestfeatureresolved (derick)2016-12-12The ability to start and stop xdebug remote sessions from php code.
  000128521 Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2016-12-12When I set a BP in one position work fine, when I put it some line after I get a PHP exception
  00011102   Usage problems (Wrong Results)minorresolved (derick)2016-12-12Exceptions in zendServer z-ray are missing
  00006411   Feature/Change requestfeatureresolved (derick)2016-12-11ob_gzhandler is not profiled
  00007422   Feature/Change requestfeatureresolved (derick)2016-12-11Provide a way to check that user
  00008122   Feature/Change requestmajorresolved (derick)2016-12-11excessive overhead while not enabled.
  00012981   Feature/Change requestmajorresolved (derick)2016-12-11Incomplete stack trace when re-throwing exception
  00013582   Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2016-12-11hello world simple program does not run
  00013403   Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2016-12-11Xdebug (somehow) affects cross-origin headers
  00013592   Remote Debuggingmajorresolved (derick)2016-12-11debut.remote_enable not enabled despite set in the INI file
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