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0001298XdebugUncategorizedpublic2020-03-12 18:01
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Product Version2.3.2 
Summary0001298: Incomplete stack trace when re-throwing exception

When an exception bubbles up and is re-thrown it displays a stack trace but it only shows the stack trace from the catch block where the exception is handled, it does not show the stack trace from where the exception was created.

Steps To Reproduce

Write a try catch block.
Call a function that throws an exception from the try block.
Throw the caught exception (not a new one, throw the one that was caught).

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Operating System
PHP Version5.5.10-5.5.14


duplicate of 0000450 closedderick "Incomplete" backtraces when an exception gets rethrown 



2016-12-11 23:50

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This is a duplicate of 0000450.

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