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0001325XdebugUncategorizedpublic2020-03-12 18:01
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Summary0001325: Use semver-compatible version numbers for pre-releases
DescriptionCurrently, the RC versions report a version like "2.4.0RC3". Semver specifies that a pre-release tag must be seperated with a hyphen, like "2.4.0-RC3", see

This imposes problems because I try to parse the version number in my debug extension as a semver version to find out if I can enable specific features, but the release candidate versions throw errors when trying to parse them. Please use semver-compatible pre-release tags in the future.
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2016-07-05 14:32

administrator   ~0003639 says

"Note that the PEAR installer cannot recognize hyphens in a package version string"

And the PEAR documentation (used for installing packages) has examples at:

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