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0001769XdebugStep Debuggingpublic2020-04-22 16:39
Reportersavemetenminutes Assigned Toderick  
Status resolvedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Product Version2.9.3 
Summary0001769: Some breakpoints cause the session to break on the next line
DescriptionThe title explains the issue clearly.
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Operating System
PHP Version7.4.0-7.4.4



2020-03-23 02:47



2020-03-23 02:50

reporter   ~0005327

The first couple of times I tried to submit/report this issue the website showed an error message saying something along the lines of "Invalid Secutiry Marker" (translated). All of my input was lost so I decided to create the issue with minimal info first and then add information afterwards to make sure I don't have to type out all of the info repeatedly.


2020-03-23 02:56

reporter   ~0005328

The issue does not seem to occur with Xdebug vesion 2.8.1. Also after enabling 2.8.1 and after that reenabling 2.9.3 the issue happened at other breakpoints.

The image file I've attached in the main section of the bug report demonstrates clearly what happens.

I should mention that I'm using Xdebug through its PhpStorm integration but changing to different PhpStorm versions (years apart) makes no difference.

I understand that reproducing/fixing this issue might be difficult but it does not seem to happen with Xdebug version 2.8.1. Hopefully others can provide more input. My best guess by far is that it might have to do with the breakpoint resolve feature introduced with Xdebug 2.8.


2020-03-23 11:07

administrator   ~0005330

Please follow the instructions on how to report a bug as is described here:

In particular, the section on "Step Debugger Bugs" at — it is vital that I can reproduce this myself.


2020-04-16 15:29

administrator   ~0005394


I've asked for follow up information three weeks ago. If this does not get provided soon, I will close this ticket out.



2020-04-16 15:46

reporter   ~0005396


sorry for the delayed response. I will follow up on this before Tuesday next week.

Best regards,


2020-04-20 16:52

reporter   ~0005398

Go ahead and close this. Currently I have no time to test and evaluate this. When I have spare time I will provide the required data and it may be reopened.


2020-04-22 16:39

administrator   ~0005401

OK. Thanks.

Please open a new issue with the new information, as this bug system doesn't allow you to reopen a closed bug.


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