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0001539XdebugStep Debuggingpublic2018-03-30 23:19
Reporterjabranr Assigned Toderick  
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Product Version2.6.0 
Summary0001539: Add support from .xdebug file for path mapping
DescriptionAdd support for .xdebug file in project root so that path mapping can be defined there instead of the IDE specifically. This will allow project maintainers to setup path mapping in certain scenarios where they would like the support for xdebug out of the box of their setup. Since this is already in a JSON format so it should be trivial to follow.
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2018-03-30 16:21

administrator   ~0004626

Path mappings are a feature of IDEs, and not of Xdebug. Xdebug only reports the real file names on the file systems where it is run, and it is up to the IDE to match these remote paths with local ones. Because this is an IDE feature, nothing can be done on the Xdebug side.


2018-03-30 23:19

reporter   ~0004627

Understood. Thank you for the explanation, Derick.

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