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0000197XdebugUncategorizedpublic2006-09-04 21:46
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Summary0000197: PHP 5.2.0 RC3. Many dumps of one file.

I have started my script 10 times and xdebug created 10 files. RC 2 created only 1 file (it's better).

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Operating SystemWinXP
PHP Version5.1-dev



2006-09-04 21:46

administrator   ~0000450

This change was made to avoid race condiditons in writing trace and profiler files. I now changed the code in such a way that it tries to lock files while writing the traces. In case a file is already been written too a new additional file will be created for the second request. In case there is only one request at a time only one file will be generated. This should address both this issue and the race condition issue.

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