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0000242XdebugUncategorizedpublic2007-02-20 08:44
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Summary0000242: Profiler files sometimes contain invalid numbers
DescriptionOccasionally I get values like these appearing in cachegrind.out* files:

38 4294967295

The 2^32-1 seems to be invalid as it's messing up the display in KCacheGrind. It happens every 20 or so page loads, and the function call seems to be unrelated - I see these happen for both internal and script functions.
Right now I'm manually editing these to 1 as a workaround but it'd be nice to have a fix.
Additional InformationUsing Apache 2.2.4, have tried using with a threaded and non-threaded MPM.
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Operating SystemGentoo 2006.1, x86
PHP Version5.2.0



2007-02-20 08:44

administrator   ~0000573

I fixed this in CVS last night by removing the memory profiling, which obviously didn't work :). Please reopen if you can reproduce it still with the CVS version.

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