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0000257XdebugUncategorizedpublic2007-05-28 17:46
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Summary0000257: wrong location of UT file
DescriptionAfter installed windows modules "php_xdebug-2.0.0rc3-4.4.1.dll" downloaded from, I begun to play with profiler than trace features.

While I've no problem with profiler configuration settings with Apache .htaccess file, I run in trouble with trace settings.

I used three cases of config thru a PHP script

1. xdebug_start_trace();
==> produce a "trace.{hash}.xt" file into c:\wamp\php4\profiler dir as defined by .htaccess

BTW I got a hash while "xdebug.auto_trace" is set to "Off" (doc tell opposite purpose) !

2. xdebug_start_trace(__FILE__);
==> produce a "{__FILE__}.xt" file into script dir

NOTICE no hash appended here, while dir is script location "c:\wamp\www" and not .htaccess expected trace_output_dir

3. xdebug_start_trace("myscript");
==> produce no trace XT file (nowhere)

I got the same result with windows module PHP 5.2

Laurent Laville (aka farell)
Additional Information.htaccess file content :
<Files javadanse.php>
    php_value xdebug.profiler_enable 0
    php_value xdebug.trace_output_dir "c:\wamp\php4\profiler"
    php_value xdebug.trace_output_name "timestamp"
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Operating SystemWindows XP
PHP Version4.4.4



2007-05-28 17:46

administrator   ~0000637

This is correct behavior, please refer to the documentation at

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