Released 2022-10-10
0002113: [Step Debugging] Crash at step_into after thrown exception with return value debugging en (derick)
0002117: [Uncategorized] Removed emulated properties for closures, as PHP 8.2 adds debug information for them (derick)
0002121: [Uncategorized] Xdebug does not use local independent float-to-string functions (derick)
0002122: [Step Debugging] Local variables are not available when using start_upon_error (derick)
0002123: [Step Debugging] Add warning in log and diagnositics information when a breakpoint is set on a non-existing file (derick)
0002124: [Step Debugging] Xdebug incorrectly reports that there are no children for static closure properties, even thought there are (derick)
0002125: [Code Coverage] Crash with PHP 8.2 on 32-bit due to change in "not set" value with CATCH opcode (derick)
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