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0001016XdebugFeature/Change requestpublic2019-06-28 11:19
ReporterwhitefireAssigned Toderick 
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Target Version3.0.0devFixed in Version 
Summary0001016: Support for pause-execution
DescriptionI would like to be able to pause-execution while the script is running. Practical when debugging long-running scripts or infinite loops.
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PHP Version5.3.15-5.3.19



2013-12-17 12:02

administrator   ~0002648

Do you mean the implementation of DBGP's break ( ? This would also require async support, and right now, no IDEs implement that either I think.


2013-12-17 12:06

reporter   ~0002649

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Break definitely looks like what I'm looking for. Could you elaborate a bit about "async support"? I plan to add a feature request, but I need to know what I'm asking for.

Edit: nvm. I found it in the documentation!

Can't thank you enough for xDebug btw, it is my number 1. productivity-tool.


2013-12-17 13:31

reporter   ~0002650

I have requested that Jetbrains implement this feature. Issue:


2013-12-17 14:25

administrator   ~0002651

Xdebug does *not* implement async yet either though, so that has to be done first (as part of this FR).


2013-12-17 14:33

reporter   ~0002652

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I added a link to this issue in youtrack. I suspect that not too many people have thought of, or felt the need for such a feature, but I guess time will tell.


2016-12-11 23:34

administrator   ~0004008

Still true, but I am not putting this on the list for 2.6.0-dev.

Robert Lu

2019-05-31 07:25

reporter   ~0005034

Why do we mark `supported=1` at the response of `feature_get -n supports_async`?

`supports_async` indicates the support of break command. Currently, break is not supported, it should be marked unsupported.


2019-06-03 08:46

administrator   ~0005035

This is explained in the DBGp documentation:

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