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Summary0001061: Documentation Problem: zend_extension & zend_extension_ts
DescriptionFrom my phpinfo() details : "Thread Safety: enabled".

I used "zend_extension_ts" (as documentation says), but it didn't work, while "zend_extension" did (and this what your php analysis script determine), so that part of documentation may need some review.

Docs Quotation:
or: zend_extension_ts="/wherever/you/put/it/" (for threaded usage of PHP, for example the Apache 2 work MPM or the the ISAPI module).
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PHP Version5.3.2



2014-07-09 09:43

administrator   ~0002864

You didn't read the whole paragraph. It also includes (in bold):

From PHP 5.3 onwards, you always need to use the zend_extension PHP.ini setting name, and not zend_extension_ts, nor zend_extension_debug. However, your compile options (ZTS/normal build; debug/non-debug) still need to match with what PHP is using.


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