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0001064Xdebug(No Category)public2014-11-11 19:47
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Summary0001064: var_dump response in console with bare HTML tags
DescriptionI have installed Xdebug successfully on my machine having Ubuntu 14.04 and XAMPP.

now working with one project and set var_dump inside code file, this files executed in ajax and when i see response of var_dump(), it show HTML code of Xdebug table rather than rendered error table (see the attached screenshot)

I click 'Open response in new tab' also gives bare HTML tags wrapped code

but if i click 'Open in New Tab' then it gives proper Xdebug colorful error table.

why this is happening? can we see same HTML table of Xdebug in console?
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PHP Version5.5.5-5.5.9



2014-07-15 07:17



2014-11-11 19:47

administrator   ~0002892

There is no Xdebug issue here, as it behaves as it should. Xdebug listens to
the html_errors setting. If that is on, and an error is generated, Xdebug will
render an HTML table. Your AJAX request does not happen in an HTML context, and
hence you should not have html_errors set to 1 *for that request*.

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