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0001138XdebugUncategorizedpublic2016-11-29 23:55
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Summary0001138: Xdebug is not able to evaluate arrays

If i setup a Project with CakePHP3 under PHPStorm8, Netbeans8 ... with MAMP (Simple MAC LAMP alternative), i'm able to set a breakpoint, but on lots of values i receive 'can not get property'. As it happens with PHPStorm AND Netbeans, it seems like it is a problem with Xdebug. I tried 2.2, 2.3.2 and after it still failed, i install 3.0.0-dev from git. still same same.

I have a screenshot of the debugging state. You see, there are values being evaluated, but others aren't. The Object, where i discovered this is an "Entity Object"

i talked to some developers of cakephp, and they told me that "properties" or "accessible" are simple and plain old php arrays.

Steps To Reproduce

cakephp3 install
generate easy Entity Object in one of the controllers

e.g. $e = new Entity(['id'=>5]);

set a breakpoint after it, and you'll see that not all values are accessible.

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Operating System
PHP Version5.6.0-5.6.4



2015-04-09 13:16

administrator   ~0003060

Could you perhaps come up with a lot simpler reproduce case? As a preference, just a single script without dependencies.

If not, as I have no mac and hence no MAMP, and I don't know CakePHP, I need a reproducible package. I doubt it's related to OSX/MAMP though, so if you can pack up something that I can easily "unpack and run", and provide a "remote debugging log" (see, then I can perhaps find and fix this.


2015-04-09 13:39

reporter   ~0003061

hiho Derick,

you find a webproject example here.

simply download & unpack



2015-04-09 13:53

administrator   ~0003062

I can run this - and set the breakpoint at the instructed line. However, the screenshot that you posted shows $initFunctions being open, which has the "properties" or "accessible" properties. But in the code that you gave me, there is no such variable at all.

In the context of the $e variable, _accessors and _properties "work for me". I'll add a screenshot too.


2015-04-09 14:26

reporter   ~0003063

yes you are right, the code is sent you is just a basic example.

here is my output of $e


2015-04-09 14:46

administrator   ~0003064

I see something fishy going on, even without xdebug loaded when requesting index.php - what is your exact PHP version?


2015-04-09 20:07

administrator   ~0003065

I think I found a bug in PHP here - that I can reproduce even when Xdebug is loaded. Can I pass your "" onwards into the bugs system?


2015-04-15 13:45

reporter   ~0003069

yea ofcourse


2015-04-15 13:45

reporter   ~0003070

my exact php version is 5.6.2


2015-04-28 09:19

reporter   ~0003074

hi Derick,

are there any efforts concering the php bug ;) ?


2015-05-02 15:12

reporter   ~0003076

its strange, that _properties "works" for you.


2015-05-02 16:27

reporter   ~0003077

Hi Derick,

oh my f***** god, it was an issue with php5.6.x. I ran the project with 5.5.18, and properties appear as normal . so it is obviuosly a bug with 5.6

thanks a lot !!!



2016-11-29 23:55

administrator   ~0003857

I'm closing this, as it's expected to be a problem with PHP itself.

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