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0001157XdebugDocumentationpublic2015-11-22 15:05
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version14.04
Product Version2.2.3 
Summary0001157: Code in documentation does not output results seen in documentation

Hi there.

Using the code examples given in the documentation (here: for 'xdebug_debug_zval' produces results that are different to the documentation or no results at all.

phpinfo() confirms that xdebug is loaded. Commands such as the overloaded var_dump work fine.

Steps To Reproduce

Example 1:

$a = array(1, 2, 3);
$b =& $a;
$c =& $a[2];

..should produce (according to the documentation):

a: (refcount=2, is_ref=1)=array (
0 => (refcount=1, is_ref=0)=1,
1 => (refcount=1, is_ref=0)=2,
2 => (refcount=2, is_ref=1)=3)

...but actually produces:


(refcount=2, is_ref=1),
array (size=3)
0 => (refcount=1, is_ref=0),int 1
1 => (refcount=1, is_ref=0),int 2
2 => (refcount=2, is_ref=1),int 3

Example 2:

$a = array(1, 2, 3);
$b =& $a;
$c =& $a[2];

...produces no output whatsoever.

Additional Information

I am aware that the current stable version and the version I am running may produce different results but I found it odd that a command produces no output whatsoever.

Xdebug installed with apt-get (php5-xdebug).

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Operating SystemUbuntu 14.04
PHP Version5.5.5-5.5.9



2015-06-02 12:36

administrator   ~0003105

I will have to check the difference in output, but it makes sense that:


Does not work in 2.2.x, as it's new functionality in 2.3.x.


2015-06-02 13:14

reporter   ~0003106

Apologies, I didn't realise that was a feature in 2.3.x. Sorry about that.

I am seeing the a: on a different line, however, which is a minor formatting issue and hardly worth reporting!


2015-11-22 15:05

administrator   ~0003255

The output can indeed be different, but I can't reproduce your output's format.
I get what's in the documentation.

And it makes sense that your example two produces no output, as in Xdebug 2.2
it only supports just variable names, and no array subscripts or property

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