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0001197XdebugUncategorizedpublic2015-11-09 01:45
Reporterocramius Assigned Toderick  
Status resolvedResolutionduplicate 
PlatformMac OSOSMac OSOS Version10.11.1
Product Version2.4.0beta1 
Fixed in Version2.4.0rc1 
Summary0001197: XDebug crashes while dumping XD

XDebug crashes with following output when running with coverage (note that the test suite failures are unrelated):

./vendor/bin/phpunit --coverage-clover ./clover.xml
PHPUnit 5.0.8 by Sebastian Bergmann and contributors.

Runtime: PHP 7.0.0RC6 with Xdebug 2.4.0beta1
Configuration: /Users/ocramius/Documents/Projects/PhpCodeInliner/phpunit.xml.dist

[1] 58510 segmentation fault ./vendor/bin/phpunit --coverage-clover ./clover.xml

Steps To Reproduce

git clone
cd PhpCodeInliner
git checkout "bug/xdebug-crash-2015-11-06"
curl -sS | php

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Operating SystemMac OS 10.11.1
PHP Version7.0.0rc6


duplicate of 0001195 closedderick Segfault during PHPUnit (with code coverage) 



2015-11-09 01:45

administrator   ~0003210

This turned out to be a duplicate of 0001195. Before the fix for 0001195 this indeed crashed, and afterwards it succeeds. Fix will be in 2.4.0RC1.

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