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0001224Xdebugpublic2016-02-11 18:40
Reportersamsonasik Assigned Toderick  
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Product Version2.4.0rc2 
Summary0001224: phpunit coverage with php7 and 2.4.0RC3-dev coverage always 100%

it happen only in php7 with xdebug 2.4.0RC3-dev, when I run phunit, the oncovered functions/untested function marked as covered/green.

Steps To Reproduce
  • install php7.0.0
  • install xdebug 2.4.0RC3-dev
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Operating System
PHP Version7.0-dev



2015-12-09 23:50

reporter   ~0003309

I tested in phpunit 4 and phpunit 5, the coverage always 100% even only "__construct" tested. Other methods marked as green in bar, but blank white in code line.


2015-12-10 14:53

administrator   ~0003311

I don't know how to reproduce this... can you give detailed and complete instructions so that I can run it at home (without having to setup anything)?


2015-12-11 15:52

reporter   ~0003319

Last edited: 2015-12-11 15:53

seems I can't reproduce in sample source now, but in real app, it looks something like this ( please see attached image) in php7, white in source and green in bar, while in php 5.6, it red.



2015-12-11 16:48

administrator   ~0003320

Sorry - but I really need a reproducible case. I can't guess what's wrong from this description.


2015-12-11 18:42

reporter   ~0003323

I dug more on this, found that @runInSeparateProcess make it works, but wondering why it needed while in php 5.6, it works without @runInSeparateProcess


2015-12-16 17:20

reporter   ~0003356

I've gotten reproduce-able case for it, I tried mock SplFileObject in one of my test:

$this->getMock(\SplFileObject::class, [], ['php://memory']);

Interestingly, this issue is only happen in php7. It may related with phpunit itself.


2016-01-03 23:59

reporter   ~0003381

Last edited: 2016-01-04 00:00

I'm experiencing the same issue with PHP 7.0.0 and Xdebug v2.4.0RC3. Here are the steps to reproduce:

git clone
cd uuid-doctrine/
composer install
./vendor/bin/phpunit --verbose --coverage-html build/coverage
open build/coverage/index.html

Click on UuidBinaryType.php and look at around lines 50-52, which should look like this:

return $platform->getBlobTypeDeclarationSQL([
'length' => '16',

These lines are not covered by the tests, but there is no indication in the code coverage report that they aren't covered, and the report shows 100% of the lines covered. I expect to see these lines displayed in red in the report, and I expect the percentage covered to be less than 100%.

When I run these same commands in PHP 5.6.16 with Xdebug v2.4.0RC3, then I see these same lines colored in red, and the file shows 88.46% of the lines covered.


2016-02-08 19:43

administrator   ~0003447

Ramsey, the cloned code doesn't match your comments. Line 50-52 are:

51 /*

And the lines with length 16 are now:

41 public function getSQLDeclaration(array $fieldDeclaration, AbstractPlatform $platform)
42 {
43 return $platform->getBinaryTypeDeclarationSQL(
44 array(
45 'length' => '16',
46 'fixed' => true,
47 )
48 );
49 }

Line 43 and 45 show as covered.

Can you check again?


2016-02-08 19:45

administrator   ~0003448

Samsoniak, a reproducible case is something I can download and run. If it's just a one liner, it's not going to be useful to me. What Ramsey did is. Can you do something similar?


2016-02-08 20:27

reporter   ~0003450

Sorry about that, Derick. I've made changes to the library, so my bug report is now out of date. To get to the exact same reproducible state I mentioned above, use commit abbcbe56b023319dea7a72177333089cf47f5a69.


git clone
cd uuid-doctrine/
git checkout abbcbe56b023319dea7a72177333089cf47f5a69
composer install
./vendor/bin/phpunit --verbose --coverage-html build/coverage
open build/coverage/index.html

Now, look at lines 50-52 on UuidBinaryType.php. I expect these to be in red, as they were not covered. Instead, they are neither green nor red, and the coverage report shows 100% coverage.


2016-02-09 00:33

reporter   ~0003466

I'm sorry derick, I can't give reproduceable case that can be shown publicly for now... hopefully what ramsey did above is same with my case. Thank you.


2016-02-11 18:40

administrator   ~0003481

This does not seem to be a bug in Xdebug. When debugging Ramsey's code, and outputting (by modifying phpunit's code) the result of each xdebug_get_code_coverage(), there is in the output:

'/tmp/uuid-doctrine/src/UuidBinaryType.php' =>
array(6) {
[43] =>
[44] =>
[45] =>
[50] =>
[51] =>
[53] =>

Which is the right result. For some reason, phpunit code coverage simply chooses not to show the information.

samsonasik, I obviously can't debug your code, but let's assume it's the same issue.

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