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0001337XdebugUncategorizedpublic2016-11-16 18:37
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Product Version2.4.1 
Summary0001337: Dockerized Xdebug breaks on access to class static property

This is reply for issue

This issue still reproducing on php 5.6, xdebug 2.4.1.

I can't reply in that issue, so I created new one. Feel free to convert my message as a reply to that issue.

I prepared git repo with instruction how to reproduce this issue.

Steps to reproduce, actual result, expected result see at README file in git repo.

I hope this issue will be fixed

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Operating System
PHP Version5.6.15-5.6.19


duplicate of 0001185 resolvedderick Dockerized Xdebug breaks on access to class static property 



2016-08-13 06:31

reporter   ~0003676

One more thing - this issue reproducing only in php 5.5. and php 5.6.. In php 7.0.* it isn't reproducing for me.

PS: if you want to "SSH" into running container you can use
docker exec -it xdebug-test bash


2016-11-16 18:37

administrator   ~0003750


I am closing this report, as it's not a bug in Xdebug and it doesn't seem to be that the bug is in PHP either, but rather in the compiler that Debian Jessie uses by default.

So the current conclusion is: compiler bug (or weird interaction between compiler and PHP).

I filed a bug for PHP at, and I have emailed internals and cc-ed some PHP devs, but they don't seem interested :-(.

You can work around it by changing the -O2 to -O0 in the Makefile file after running "./configure" but before "make". Before you
run "./configure", don't forget to run "make clean" first.

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