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Summary0001362: Issue in installing xdebug

Hi I have tried 5-6 times installing xdebug for php n netbeans.
As per the instruction given on

But its not working.
Steps used

Steps To Reproduce

Xdebug installed: no
Server API: Apache 2.0 Handler
Windows: yes - Compiler: MS VC11 - Architecture: x86
Zend Server: no
PHP Version: 5.6.23
Zend API nr: 220131226
PHP API nr: 20131226
Debug Build: no
Thread Safe Build: yes
Configuration File Path: C:\Windows
Configuration File: C:\php_5_6_23\php.ini
Extensions directory: C:\php_5_6_23\ext

Download php_xdebug-2.5.0rc1-5.6-vc11.dll
Move the downloaded file to C:\php_5_6_23\ext
Edit C:\php_5_6_23\php.ini and add the line
zend_extension = C:\php_5_6_23\ext\php_xdebug-2.5.0rc1-5.6-vc11.dll
Restart the webserver
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<h2>Tailored Installation Instructions</h2>

<li><b>Xdebug installed:</b> no</li>
<li><b>Server API:</b> Apache 2.0 Handler</li>
<li><b>Windows:</b> yes - Compiler: MS VC11 - Architecture: x86</li>
<li><b>Zend Server:</b> no</li>
<li><b>PHP Version:</b> 5.6.23</li>
<li><b>Zend API nr:</b> 220131226</li>
<li><b>PHP API nr:</b> 20131226</li>
<li><b>Debug Build:</b> no</li>
<li><b>Thread Safe Build:</b> yes</li>
<li><b>Configuration File Path:</b> C:\Windows</li>
<li><b>Configuration File:</b> C:\php_5_6_23\php.ini</li>
<li><b>Extensions directory:</b> C:\php_5_6_23\ext</li>

<li>Download <a href="">php_xdebug-2.5.0rc1-5.6-vc11.dll</a></li>
<li>Move the downloaded file to C:\php_5_6_23\ext</li>
<li>Edit <code>C:\php_5_6_23\php.ini</code> and add the line<br><code>zend_extension = C:\php_5_6_23\ext\php_xdebug-2.5.0rc1-5.6-vc11.dll</code></li>
<li>Restart the webserver</li>
	If you like Xdebug, and thinks it saves you time and money, please have a look at the <a href="">donation</a> page.

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This site and all of its contents are
Copyright © 2002-2016 by Derick Rethans.<br>
All rights reserved.

Operating System
PHP Version5.6.20-5.6.24



2016-11-16 12:50

administrator   ~0003744

Did you pass in output from the command line php's phpinfo(), or from a phpinfo() output through a web request?

Jim Bacon

2016-11-17 10:13

reporter   ~0003759

Last edited: 2016-11-18 08:46

I experienced a similar problem which was resolved by changing
zend_extension = C:\php_5_6_23\ext\php_xdebug-2.5.0rc1-5.6-vc11.dll
zend_extension = php_xdebug-2.5.0rc1-5.6-vc11.dll

extension_dir was set to the extension directory in my ini file which may explain why the full path caused a problem.

This might indicate that the advice given by the wizard is incorrect in these circumstances. (PHP 7.0.13 in my case)

2016-11-18 04:25

reporter   ~0003762

Hi derick,

I changed
zend_extension_debug = C:\php_5_6_23\ext\php_xdebug-2.5.0rc1-5.6-vc11.dll

zend_extension = C:\php_5_6_23\ext\php_xdebug-2.5.0rc1-5.6-vc11.dll

And its showing in phpinfo(), that xdebug is installed .

But when I start debug in netbeans its continuesly showing
"waiting for connection (netbeans-xdebug)"... And I am not able to debug.
PLease help..

Jim Bacon

2016-11-18 08:53

reporter   ~0003763

Refer to
There may be a better answer but my solution was to revert to version 2.4.1.
You will also experience this problem if your configuration is incorrect but that would not be a bug.

2016-11-18 12:07

reporter   ~0003764

Hi Jim,

I referred this [^]

and changed Version that isn't connectiong:
zend_extension = C:\php_5_6_23\ext\php_xdebug-2.5.0rc1-5.6-vc11.dll

Version that is working:
zend_extension = C:\php_5_6_23\ext\php_xdebug-2.4.1-5.6-vc11.dll

BUT Still same problem..
IN netbeans continuously it showing ..
"waiting for connection (netbeans-xdebug)"... And I am not able to debug.

Jim Bacon

2016-11-18 13:18

reporter   ~0003765

Then, unless you have any evidence of a bug, I would be pretty confident you have a configuration issue, in which case there is plenty of information on line to help you resolve this. E.g Google is your friend.


2016-11-20 22:33

administrator   ~0003768

I am pretty sure this is a configuration issue too. Please write to the support mailinglist to get this sorted. (see

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