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0001371XdebugStep Debuggingpublic2016-12-06 19:46
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Summary0001371: Implement custom call stack for xdebug_break()
DescriptionSince Exceptions don't trigger a break for when you remote debug, I have put a 'xdebug_break' in my exception handler.. It seems to work, but it loses the call stack. Since the exception has all the information of where it happened, I could just use the params from Exception->getTrace() to fill in? Or better yet, just be able to provide the exception in xdebug_break ? Or possibly a new command xdebug_break_exception() ?
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2016-12-01 19:04

administrator   ~0003859


I don't know which IDE you use, but Xdebug supports breaking on exceptions. PhpStorm for example, provides a GUI for it as well:

would that be enough?



2016-12-01 19:47

reporter   ~0003865

Last edited: 2016-12-01 19:47

Not really.. PHP Storm is not free, and I need free tools (and already used to Netbeans). Why doesn't exceptions work in Netbeans? Is it Netbeans fault?

P.S. Thank you for such a quick reply!


2016-12-01 23:41

administrator   ~0003866

Yes - Netbeans can chose to implement this type of exception breakpoint.

I am going to close this issue, as this is something that Xdebug supports, but the IDE needs to support.


2016-12-05 20:52

reporter   ~0003947

I'm not sure if I should be re-opening this or making a new one but, is it possible for the Editors that don't support it, can you add some options to control the Exception Breaking? Like, options to auto set these:

breakpoint_set -t exception -X Notice
breakpoint_set -t exception -X Warning
breakpoint_set -t exception -X Error


2016-12-06 19:46

administrator   ~0003953

I am not going to add these things as Xdebug already supports this.

If you want to have this supported in Netbeans, you need to talk to the Netbeans developers and convince them to add this. Their issue tracker is at

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