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0001374XdebugStep Debuggingpublic2023-09-03 19:14
ReporterRadek Suski Assigned Toderick  
Status resolvedResolutionunable to reproduce 
PlatformRaspberry PI OSraspbianOS Version4.4
Product Version2.4.0 
Summary0001374: XDebug seems to be overwriting thee FILE and DIR constants

as in the summary.

Steps To Reproduce

Well, this is a bit strange because I know it worked before but suddenly when I am trying to debug within Joomla! my own library those constants containing values as follow:

__FILE__ =  xdebug://debug-eval
__DIR__  = xdebug:   


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Operating SystemmacOS 10.12.1 (16B2555)
PHP Version7.0.10-7.0.14


Radek Suski

2016-12-03 11:39

reporter   ~0003874

BTW: I am apparently not the only one:

Additionally because every time I wrote it people assuming I am using "eval", so just to clarify I don't
For debugging I am using phpStorm 2016.2.2


2016-12-03 12:46

administrator   ~0003875


thanks for the report. In order to find and fix the bug, I really do need a reproducible case. As this seems to be a remote debugging issues, please refer to as to what I would require.


Radek Suski

2016-12-03 13:21

reporter   ~0003882

Last edited: 2023-09-03 13:47

Sure thing, here is the script:
Here is the log file:

What really weird, I just realised, that debugging this script gives following results:

__FILE__ = "xdebug://debug-eval"
__DIR__ = "xdebug:"
$file = "/www/Neo/libraries/Sobi/index.php"
$dir = "/www/Neo/libraries/Sobi"
$dirname = "/www/Neo/libraries/Sobi"

Which means that if I assign those constants to variables, those variables are having correct values.



2016-12-04 17:33

administrator   ~0003924


I see what happens now. You have these in the "Watches" field. PhpStorm handles watches by running the DBGp "eval" command. In the log, that looks like:

<- eval -i 62 -- JEdMT0JBTFNbJ0lERV9FVkFMX0NBQ0hFJ11bJzlmNmZiNjcxLWU0ZWItNDIyNy04Mzc2LTNhNjNkZDNiMmNmMCddPV9fRElSX18=

As the eval command really just calls PHP's eval, you get the same result:

$ php -r "echo eval('echo FILE;');"
Command line code(1) : eval()'d code

Xdebug does replace the "Command line code(1) : eval()'d code" with "xdebug://debug-eval" though.

This is something I can not change.

Radek Suski

2016-12-04 17:39

reporter   ~0003925

@derick Thank for your answer. Yet I am not sure if you are entirely correct. Yes, I have it in watches. But even if, the logical execution is failing. I am asking:

if(file_exists( DIR.'/file.php'))

and it returns "false". It can't be just because I have it in my "watches" because at the first time I was debugging my case, it wasn't


2016-12-04 17:54

administrator   ~0003927

No, it can't be because it's in watches. But that "file_exists" would only file for real reasons. If you can reproduce this, I would use "strace -o /tmp/strace.log php script.php" and see for which file it is doing a "stat".

Radek Suski

2016-12-04 18:50

reporter   ~0003928

I know for sure that this file exists. That's how I figured out this issue


2016-12-04 19:09

administrator   ~0003929

Okay - I would definitely use the strace then. There must be something why PHP thinks it's not there, and strace is your only hope I think.

Radek Suski

2016-12-04 19:11

reporter   ~0003930

no problem. I will try to deliver it soon. Thank you very much


2016-12-05 14:19

administrator   ~0003943

(Changing it to feedback until you do).


2017-01-03 18:49

administrator   ~0004128



2017-02-07 17:08

administrator   ~0004200

I am closing this, as I can't reproduce this, and the requested feedback has not been given. Please feel free to reopen this if you can provide more information as requested.


2017-12-20 16:43

reporter   ~0004523

This error is repeated for me! How can I fix it? xdebug 2.5.5-1


2023-09-02 06:31

reporter   ~0006644

Xdebug 3.2.1, the problem persists (as far as I understand, in all other versions too). To reproduce it, it is enough (when working in phpstorm) during a debugging session to open the Evaluate Expression window (alt + F8) and enter one of these constants there. You can just use the debug console, you can use the clock, the behavior is the same everywhere.


2023-09-03 13:59

administrator   ~0006645

@anton.m4354: I would still expect what you show. When PhpStorm evaluates __DIR__ or __FILE__, it uses eval under the hood. This evaluates the string, exactly what this would do:

echo eval(__DIR__);

Which on the PHP CMD also produces a similar result:

php -r &quot;echo eval('return __FILE__;');&quot;


Command line code(1) : eval()'d code

Xdebug does wrap that in its own file name though, which is xdebug://debug-eval. There is nothing I can change here, and I am not sure whether PhpStorm can, but you can always ask them at


2023-09-03 19:14

reporter   ~0006646

@derick that is, if Phpstorm would directly echo __FILE__;, then the result would be correct?

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