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0001867XdebugDocumentationpublic2020-11-03 16:39
Reporterglen Assigned Toderick  
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Product Version3.0.0beta1 
Summary0001867: debugclient is gone from 3.0.0beta1
Descriptiondebugclient subdir is missing, but not whatsoever mentioned in any changelogs what happened to it.

as a distribution packager, this is important to know what it happened, is it available under different name? under different project? dropped?

so far checked:
- (sorry no permalink for search result is available)
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PHP Version7.4.0-7.4.4



2020-10-24 15:41

reporter   ~0005479

found this PR:

however, it should have better visibility, mentioned in release notes, changelogs.
and perhaps info when the source be made available.


2020-10-24 15:50

reporter   ~0005480

foun documentation of debug client:

so it's definitely not superseded or outdated.


2020-10-27 13:27

administrator   ~0005481

The debugclient that was part of the Xdebug source package has indeed been discontinued. Because it wasn't part of Xdebug itself, it did not make it into the changelog.

The dbgpClient that you refer to is a totally new client, written in Go, but I haven't made the source publicly available yet.

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