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0000190XdebugUncategorizedpublic2006-08-11 17:06
ReporterchaospaceAssigned Toderick 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
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Summary0000190: Assigning required filenames at runtime
Descriptionin //PEAR/HTTP/Session/Session.php such piece of code could be found:

        $container_class = 'HTTP_Session_Container_' . $container;
        $container_classfile = 'HTTP/Session/Container/' . $container . '.php';
        require_once $container_classfile;

the page silently dies on the 'require_once' statement, which is perfectly ok without xdebug.

when I tried to force it to evaluate the string before passed to the statement, it worked well:
        require_once "$container_classfile";
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Operating SystemLinux 2.6.17 Debian
PHP Version5.1.2



2006-07-04 18:27

administrator   ~0000424

Xdebug 1.3.2 is very old, please try 2.0.0beta6 first.


2006-07-04 18:51

reporter   ~0000425

thanx for your feedback. tested localy on WindowsXP/php5.1.2/xdebug2.0.0b6 and seems ok.
thus, the solution of this problem is either upgrade or, if you don't have the server under your control, use the workaround as stated above.


2006-08-11 17:06

administrator   ~0000429

Okay, great. I'll close the bug then.


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