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Summary0002042: Parsable trace format with assignments collected

I am working on a UI for step debugging and I'd like to implement a "replay" feature. Triggering a trace immediately upon session open is working great so far, except for being able to reliably parse the human-readable trace format (which appears to be the only format that respects xdebug.collect_assignments = 1).

Would it be possible to add a feature or trace_format that is both parsable and can include variable assignments?

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2021-10-29 14:21

administrator   ~0006149

This is in Xdebug 3.1 and later already, through

However, it won't contain enough information to do replays, as there is a display limit, and the size of trace files with this information in text form is going to be massive.

In the meanwhile, I'm working on a replay feature myself, which also allows step-back.

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