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0000206XdebugUncategorizedpublic2020-03-12 17:07
ReporterMarcusBointon Assigned Toderick  
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Summary0000206: Escape binary output

If I get a PHP error and xdebug displays local variables, and one of those variables contains something binary like an image, I usually find that it corrupts the terminal, turning all text in the terminal into gibberish, presumably because the binary data contains terminal escape sequences. I have to kill the terminal and reopen it to restore readability. Can the output be somehow escaped to avoid this?

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PHP Version5.1.6



2006-10-18 15:12

administrator   ~0000476

I just checked, and I am already escaping ascii 0 to ascii 31... and can therefore not reproduce your problem. Could you provide a short test case for me please? (Including all settings that you make?)


2006-10-24 01:29

reporter   ~0000484

OK, I had a try at reproducing it, and you're right in that I can't get it to happen with the local vars display, however, it does happen with var_dump, so I guess I must have been confused - sorry about that. This example causes a nice exploding terminal for me:

class z {
public $zz;
$zx = new z;
$zx->zz = file_get_contents('image.png');

I don't know if this behaviour is intended or not, but I can't think of any circumstances I'd want it.


2006-11-21 20:01

administrator   ~0000492

When html_errors is turned off Xdebug will use PHP's internal var_dump function. This function exhibits this problem and your issue can be reproduced even when Xdebug is not loaded. I agree that this should be addressed, but it should be addressed in PHP itself.

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