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0002077XdebugTracingpublic2022-03-28 17:12
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Product Version3.1.2 
Summary0002077: Bring back xdebug.collect_params

I use trace dumps mostly to:

  • generate stack traces, collapse them, generate performance flame graphs,
  • debugging,
  • research & discovery tool of how new code works.

While having xdebug.collect_params always on is sometimes useful, most of the time parameters are not necessary for my use. Parameters make the trace files much bigger and when greping them they clutter output. Parsing of the trace files might also require more memory and might be slower. Could you consider bringing back xdebug.collect_params setting?

I'm open to paying for implementation of this feature.

Operating System
PHP Version7.4.20-7.4.29



2022-03-28 17:12

administrator   ~0006258


I'm a little reluctant adding INI settings again, as I tried so hard getting rid of them. Would adding a new flag to xdebug_start_trace perhaps be an acceptable alternative? I realise that that means you need to call a function at your entry point.


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