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Summary0002205: Feature request to collect only I/O params, ligth version of xdebug.collect_params

I noticed that recently there was improvement for the setting xdebug.collect_params

I also use this feature to trace the app but I found that tracing via xDebug is quite slow. About 10x slow as PHP-SPX.
However the ability co capture the arguments helps a lot with i/o debugging.
I am curious if it would be reasonable to extend the config or introduce the new one like xdebug.collect_params but limited to I/O data, e.g. SQL queries, HTTP requests etc.
Additionally the internal functions can be skipped on time based sampling can be introduced (like in php-spx)
I created a custom script to convert and computerized output into timeline that can be visualized in Chrome or other compatible trace viewers

But the main obstacle with this approach is the xDebug performance and limitations.
How complete tracing can be achieved only by combining additional profiles with xDebug like Blackfire/Tideways/Spx

Steps To Reproduce
  • trace larger apps like Magento
Additional Information

Suggested features summary:

  • collect params related to I/O
  • toggle skip capturing internal functions
  • time sampling for traces
  • trace format compatible with other viewers
  • post tracing hooks/callbacks that would allow to automate preparation of visualized reports
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PHP Version8.2.0-8.2.9


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