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0000408Xdebug(No Category)public2008-12-20 19:50
ReportertomasAssigned Toderick 
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Summary0000408: Script is not aborted on E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR errors
DescriptionA simple code to reproduce the bug:


$not_an_array = 'string';

function a_function(array $array)
    // do something

echo 'The script has not been aborted?';

The code generates E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR error (the mismatch of argument type). When xdebug is enabled the code is not aborted.
Additional InformationAcording to PHP documentation E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR errors should abort the scripts (
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PHP Version5.2.3


duplicate of 0000391 closed When PHP runs with Xdebug it doesn't stop executing script when type hinting leads to fatal error 



2008-12-11 21:11

reporter   ~0000900

duplicate of 0000391

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