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Summary0000594: Extend the scream support
DescriptionIt would be useful to have something similar to the scream option for var_dump(), print_r(), die(), exit(), __halt_compiler(), debug_print_backtrace and similar functions.

The idea is to "scream" when one of this function is called, providing information such as __FILE__ and __LINE__ to understand why a script died or who is putting debug information in the output chain.

This should make easier to clean the code and to understand why a third party library/framework/software is stopping.

Note: print_r might be called with $return true, in such case there should be no "scream".
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PHP Version5.3.3



2014-02-27 19:06

administrator   ~0002679

I don't see how this is useful. You can already check that with function traces.

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