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0000741XdebugUsage problems (Wrong Results)public2014-02-27 20:10
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Summary0000741: Unable to rich more value children level than 'max_depth' when obtain value from 'eval' command
DescriptionThe issue appears if you use 'evaluate expression' feature in the IDE and need to open more children levels than configured in 'max_depth'. We use the minimum possible 'max_depth' value as it speed ups stepping (we reload stack frames data on every step using 'context_get' command). The only way - re-evaluate the whole expression.

We need to have some kind of global cache of all evaluated values and clean it after each step.
Steps To ReproduceConsider the following script:
function foo(){
    return array(array(array(array(array(array(array(array(1))))))));
echo 1; //breakpoint

Eval 'foo()' expression when you will reach a breakpoint.
Additional InformationIn PhpStorm we implemented a workaround for this problem and maintains our own evaluation cache in global variable $GLOBALS['IDE_EVAL_CACHE']. See attached xdebug log for more details.

We assign an unique array key for every evaluated expression. When user ask for more children level we actually invoke property_get command for the expression substitutor.
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PHP Version5.3.8



2011-10-24 23:00


xdebug.log (37,415 bytes)


2014-02-27 20:10

administrator   ~0002726

The eval'ed return only exists for a brief moment, and I will not keep the result around with some special hack so that you can request sub-properties. Eval is not made for requesting random properties as I have explained many times.

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